Clog report: Boy asks girl to dinner in unexpected turn of events

Amanda Ramirez/Staff

On Wednesday morning, UC Berkeley student Anna Turf entered her 8 a.m. lecture expecting a boring class and potential cold calling. But what she didn’t know was that her classmate Drew Yarns had his own plan for the morning.

Class went according to plan, but as the Campanile bell tolled, Yarns made his move. Witnesses say they saw Yarns walk straight up to Turf and ask her, “Would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow night?”

A classmate of Yarns and Turf who preferred to remain anonymous informed the Clog that “the entire classroom froze. Eyes darted from Drew and Anna. Nobody knew what to do.” Apparently, after a long moment of silence and confusion, Turf said “sure,” and the two decided on a place in time.

The interaction took everyone by surprise for several reasons. First, Turf and Yarns had been talking in class every day and had not yet added each other on Snapchat. Yarns instead skipped over the important social media milestone and went straight for the gold.

Second, Yarns asked Turf out in person, in front of other people. There was no text message or DM — the whole thing took place face-to-face. The confidence and respect Yarns exemplified showed that he was a young man who took relationships seriously a trait not typically found in college-age males.

Finally, Turf told the Clog: “I was surprised because I like Drew, but the last time I was asked to dinner was … actually, I’ve never been asked to dinner. Dates have always been more of casual hangouts.” She then added: “When I told my friends, they were confused too, because I usually ask the guy to hang out first. Drew beat me to it.”

The date is due to happen tonight, so stay tuned for an update in the upcoming week. For now, all we know is that the two will be meeting on campus and that Turf intends to pay, as she just cashed a fat paycheck.

Yarns was not available to be interviewed, as he was too busy buying Turf flowers.

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