Dare I say it? I love you, country town: Galt, California

Joyce Cam/Staff

We at the Clog believe that you should never forget your roots. Ranging from different parts of California to different parts of the globe, the Berkeley community has rooted itself all over the world. Every root matters — even mine! So let me tell you about one of the millions of roots that has grown itself into Berkeley. 

“Where are you from?”



“Sacramento … I’m from Sacramento.”

My hometown of Galt, California plants itself just 25 miles from our great capital of Sacramento (yeah, Sacramento, NOT Los Angeles). Galt stretches through 6.01 square miles of dirt, cows and back roads. With a small population of about 25,000 people (less than the estimated 30,000 undergraduates currently enrolled at Berkeley), the community of Galt stays quiet and close-knit. However, Galt holds its own as a wonderfully small, wholesome, country-livin’ town.


First, we have our famed Galt Flea Market every Tuesday and Wednesday. You can get fresh produce, phone cases, shoes and just about everything you would want or need to impulsively buy. The quality of these things may be questionable, but when you pay $5 for a pair of shoes, you kind of get what you pay for. Nonetheless, you always walk away with something exciting while supporting local businesses!


What’s a small town without a cute, quaint coffee shop? Café Latte Company, also known as just Café Latte, is one of the reasons why making the trip back home is always worth it. This locally run business has been serving the community of Galt with the best and most unique coffee I’ve ever had. Derek, Linda and Peter always make you feel extremely welcome, making this coffee place one of the best atmospheres in which to get things done or hang out with friends.


How do you keep things interesting in a small town? You guessed it! Some good old-fashioned rivalry keeps this town exciting. Literally split by a set of railroad tracks, Galt High School (my alma mater) and Liberty Ranch High School go head-to-head in sports (especially football, in which we appropriately name our rival game the Dairy Bowl), academics and basically anything else that you can pit high schoolers against each other in.


Finally, the best thing about Galt’s branched-out land is how clearly you can see the sky. When the sun goes down and the smell of cow manure is especially pungent, you can look up to see the stars. When I say stars, I mean the whole entire galaxy. In Berkeley, you can probably spot a few bright lights in the sky. The stars’ brightness is drowned out by the lights of the city, the multicolored strobes from the frats and the lights from the rooms of students studying. Galt, on the other hand, welcomes the stars and the universe with open arms. Seriously, I love seeing stars. 

Galt, California, although small, makes a lasting impression on anyone who makes a stop or drives by. No matter how far you travel — whether you’re minutes, hours or whole time zones away — you’ll always remember the roots that helped plant you in Berkeley.

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