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Below the Fold: Episode 2 with Black student leader AJ Moultrie discussing self-empowerment

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MARCH 07, 2018

For our second episode of “Below the Fold,” we welcomed AJ Moultrie, aka AJ The One, chair of UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union. Moultrie, a Black revolutionary, is also a multimedia artist, an ambassador for The Selfology Movement and host of a podcast called “Black Voice” featured on KGPC at 96.9 FM.

We covered themes of self-empowerment, self-love, being an ally and addressing anti-Blackness. Her quirky attitude and colorful personality shine through in all that she does.

As an ambassador for The Selfology Movement, Moultrie invests herself in the teaching of self-love and self-enlightenment to young Black girls in the community. In our interview with Moultrie, she discussed the difference she noticed in young Black girls when they learn to embrace self-love.

Moultrie talked about how the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center serves as an “affirmation station” here on the UC Berkeley campus. She talked about how as a Black student, she manages to find support on a campus where she may go a whole day without seeing another Black student. She believes that this may take an untold toll on Black students psychologically and emotionally.

“Black Panther” premiered this past month, and Moultrie spoke to us about the film as an important cultural piece. Without giving any spoilers away, she explained the film’s powerful ability to address multiple issues that resonate within the Black community today.

We wanted to take the opportunity to ask about how to be allies for the Black community. Moultrie said one of the most important things is recognizing the anti-Black tendencies we inherit from the media’s generational misrepresentation of Black identities. However, refusing to acknowledge that these tendencies exist in ourselves makes it all the more difficult to understand and create change. Moultrie recounted an uncomfortable experience in a UC Berkeley classroom, which could have been prevented if another student had raised their voice about the issue.

Moultrie is a remarkable, intelligent and creative human being involved in many areas both on and off campus. We hope you enjoy the powerful words of wisdom she shared with us.


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MARCH 23, 2018