Lessons to remember from Barbie this National Barbie Day

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Ah, Barbie! How many ruinous haircuts and awful outfits did we subjugate you to? That is, of course, until we learned how style works and that Barbie’s hair doesn’t grow back. In addition to shaping generations of young people as one of the most iconic toys, Barbie has taught us many life lessons that we at the Clog would like to recount this National Barbie Day.  

You can have any job you want  

Barbie’s Career Dolls line shows children, especially young girls, that they can have job they want. From president to doctor to sports star to even mermaid, Barbie showed us that women belong and can succeed in all areas of the workforce.

All colors, shapes and sizes are beautiful

The introduction of the curvy and tall body type dolls and the Dolls of the World collection gave children everywhere a chance to be represented. Granted, this representation has ways to go, but Barbie was a pioneer in taking this step in the right direction.

Take haircuts seriously

How many of our poor Barbies’ heads have we sheared? How many god-awful haircuts did they have to endure? Barbie definitely taught us the value of a good haircut and to never, under any circumstances, try to cut your own hair!

Our heroes can be lifelike

From Katniss Everdeen to Wonder Woman, Barbie has almost made it tradition to create dolls of our favorite heroes. Now our most beloved female role models are at last within our grasp. 

Don’t be afraid to stand out 

Let’s be honest, Barbie’s fashion is … a little out there. From the excessive pink to wacky patterns, Barbie’s fashion choices taught us to not be afraid to make a statement and stand out.

Whether you’re heading to the toy store this National Barbie Day or simply reminiscing on the good ol’ days, we at the Clog want to wish you a happy holiday!

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