March into March: An upbeat playlist to keep spirits high

Mitzi Perez/File

Well, it’s March — the transition month between winter and spring and smack dab in the center of midterm season. Yet, despite the strange, half-warm half-cold weather we’re having, March is a time for the stormy clouds to part and the sun to come shining in. It’s a month of regaining that confidence you lost in the first half of the semester and springing back from all the L’s you took. So plug your headphones in and enjoy this upbeat playlist as you march your way into the month of March!

“Pineapple Skies” — Miguel

Who wouldn’t want Miguel to welcome them into a new season? His wonderful voice and lyrics remind us that everything is going to be all right. The sunset skies are pineapple purple, and we’re breaking through the clouds of winter into a new time when we can start fresh.

“Waking Up Slow” — Gabrielle Aplin

Much like many people in the morning, we too wake up slowly. But Aplin sings about the sense of wonder when she realizes that she’s in love. Sometimes we need to wake up and let ourselves feel things like love and happiness rather than the stresses of life. Appreciate the magical little moments in life, because that’s what will get us through. 

“Higher Ground” — Stevie Wonder

Nothing says upbeat more than Stevie Wonder. Life is always going to be filled with hardships and big, fat L’s, but he sings about second chances and life moving on. The world is going to keep turning, so no matter what, don’t give up, keep working hard and appreciate all the opportunities you’ve been given!

“Peace Blossom Boogy” — The Babe Rainbow (aus)

This song is a nice little interlude that fits perfectly with a bright, spring feeling. So march to this song on your way to ace a midterm!

“Drive It Like You Stole It” — Sing Street

From the movie “Sing Street,” this song talks about turning your life around with a new, invigorated sense of confidence. It’s about taking back your freedom and life from whatever was holding you back. So go out there, steal a car (just joking, please don’t do that — we do NOT endorse criminal actions) and go take your life back!

“After the Storm” (ft. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins) — Kali Uchis, Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins

Let the smooth rhythms of “After the Storm” take you out of the turbulent times of the past into a more flower-filled and sunny time. Try your best, and hopefully good things will come. Even though all you may have is hope, let that motivate you.

“Paradise” — George Ezra

While Ezra is singing about a love interest, this song can totally apply to anyone else whom you love. Surround yourself with people who love you, and you’ll find a paradise, even when times get hard.


The boys of BROCKHAMPTON are taking the world and this playlist by storm with this jam. This high-energy song reminds us to — excuse our French, but f— the haters and not let anything stop us. We can get stomped on by midterms and beat up by all the stresses of life here at UC Berkeley, but we’ll persevere and prove everyone who doubted us wrong.

So, let the clouds part and allow the sun to shine into your life. Midsemester blues always hit around this time, but we hope that you take the month of March to build up a more positive and confident attitude. It’s hard, we know, but you’ve got this!

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