What your rain boots reveal about your relationship status

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

What’s up, Berkeley Bears? We’ve been experiencing some rainy weather recently (more to come per Mother Nature), so we at the Daily Clog have come to provide some insight about your relationship status based on your gloomy galoshes. Spring, the season of love, is fast approaching, and you may not have found your special someone yet. Here’s what your rain boots say about your chances this year:

Heeled “rain boots”

These boots are adored by every fashionista. Made to mimic fancy booties that can be worn any time of the year, these “rain boots” easily blend in with the stylish outfits often paired with them. If you swear by these rain boots, you have a fair chance in finding love. Though you may have to work a little harder to come off as “one-of-a-kind” or unique, you’ve got everything else going for you. Don’t be surprised if someone sends you some May flowers after these upcoming April showers.

Classic rubber rain boots

Classic rain boots are the way to go if you want to guarantee that your feet will stay dry. The heavy material these boots are made of can occasionally weigh you down, but they are still cute AF. If you own a pair of classic rain boots, you probably enjoy the rain and think the iconic rain scene in “The Notebook” is insanely romantic. You’re also the type to wait for the other person to ask you out. You have your quirks and that’s what draws people to you. Since you are most likely to be friends with everyone, it probably won’t be too difficult to find someone who is super into you.

No rain boots

You’re as much of a force of nature as the torrents of rain on campus if you don’t use rain boots. You are difficult to sway and prefer to not have things sugarcoated. You aren’t the most charming person ever, but you’re a great person to be around when you get to know someone for a while. If you really want to end your curse of being single, consider opening up a little more. You’ve got this!


You’re a risk-taker. Nothing prevents you from being unapologetically you. Some people love that about you, while some are prepared to judge you for it. Though it may be difficult to find someone who shares your boldness, when you find the one, they’ll be the one. Your love life is as unpredictable as you, but don’t let that stop you from searching!


You and that person who wears Crocs could either be a match made in heaven or a match made in hell. One thing’s for sure: You tend not to care about what people think. Moreover, you’re gutsy enough to stroll through the massive lake in Sproul without a shiver. People — especially your posse — respect you. Some may be intimidated by you, so your love life isn’t looking too poppin’ this rainy season.

No matter how you protect your feet in the rain, your methods speak volumes about your chances of finding bae.

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