Campus sophomore Stephanie Luna-Lopez announces independent candidacy for ASUC Senate

Joshua Jordan/Senior Staff

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UC Berkeley sophomore Stephanie Luna-Lopez announced her independent candidacy for the ASUC Senate on Thursday.

Luna-Lopez, an ethnic studies major with a double minor in education and public policy, is running on three primary platforms: promoting accountability and transparency in the administration, women’s health, and the recruitment and retention of students of color.

In order to maintain administrative accountability and transparency, Luna-Lopez said she plans to open a dialogue and hold more meetings between administrators and students.

“Conversations between students and administrators need a greater follow-up to implement the plans from those meetings,” Luna-Lopez said. “I want to make sure the administration sees their plans through.”

Regarding women’s health, Luna-Lopez said resources — such as testing clinics — are currently limited. She plans to work with the Tang Center to establish more clinics and promote greater access to prevention and care resources across the community.

Luna-Lopez also said she hopes to expand Theme Program housing to establish a community for students of color and help with the retention of those students.

“Creating a home environment for students of color allows you to feel like you have a community,” Luna-Lopez said. “That’s really powerful and what helped me in my transition to (campus).”

Luna-Lopez currently works for the office of Senator Vicente Román as the community development department head, where she mentors the community liaison as well as the recruitment and retention departments. She said her work on the expansion of themed programs and the development of a resource guide for the Latinx community have prompted her candidacy for ASUC Senate.

“She has a motherly quality that assures you that she will accomplish what needs to get done,” said campus sophomore and Luna-Lopez’s campaign manager Ezequiel Ramos. “She was one of the few people that made me feel like I belonged at UC Berkeley.”

ASUC election voting is scheduled for April 9-11.

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