Weird, obscure internships you still have time to apply for

Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons

Internship application season may be coming to a close, but fear not! There are still spots left for some of these fantastic opportunities. GPA low? Doesn’t matter. No prior experience? No worries. A will to achieve? You’re ready to apply!

Trail mix sorter

Don’t be sleepin’ on this internship. Trail mix is a must-have for any hungry college student. Most of us, however, can tell you how much we despise the raisins or the random dried fruit. Your job would be to bring back the zest we all once had for trail mix by sorting out all the unwanted pieces. You could either choose to sort manually or by machine. Whatever your methods may be, they will not be forgotten.

R&D for a silverware company

Now is your chance to usher in the development of the “spork” of the century. A position in R&D would require you to test other companies’ silverware products and find methods to improve the products your employer currently holds. Through this internship, you may find inspiration for the latest and greatest “knork” or “spife.” Silverware will continue to improve the quality of human life before it becomes socially acceptable to eat with just our hands.

IKEA instruction translator

We all KNOW the pictures ain’t enough. Although the lack of proper translation of instructions makes the process of DIY furniture more exciting, who can deny the bursts of frustration we get midway through after losing a screw? Your expertise in English will be pivotal in making IKEA more accessible to all!

Crocs spokesperson

Unfortunately, Crocs have become somewhat of a joke on campus. Outside of campus, however, they’re a power move. Help garner new excitement for a childhood favorite within the young adult scene! Your position would require you to wear Crocs for the entire duration of the internship. Additionally, you would be required to speak well of the Crocs company in every conversation. An example would be acknowledging celebrity use of Crocs, such as that of famous chef Mario Batali.

Nature Valley crumble expert

You could potentially pair this internship with the trail mix sorter and bask in your new horde of complimentary snacks, but if you want to specifically make a concentrated impact on the granola bar-eating world, consider applying for this internship. Get rid of the infamous crumbles that come with every experience of biting into a Nature Valley bar! Your experiences have led you to this point.

Gucci Pucci

Play a key role in the new pet line from Gucci so fashion can finally be brought to our furry friends. Bring out your inner fashionista and never let a single pupper experience FOMO again. There’s no discrimination against any of your great ideas, as long as you incorporate that famous green and red stripe somewhere. As an intern for this up-and-coming line, you’ll also be expected to be good with animals.

What Do You Meme? Card game researcher

This company is always in search of hardcore memers to not only up production value but also to make sure the selection of memes provided are up to date. Does your friend’s deck have the newest “ominous Patrick” meme? As an intern here, the burden of keeping the world updated with the latest and greatest memes rests on your shoulders.

As you can see, Bears, there are plenty of opportunities for you to engage with companies this summer! Any experience is good experience.

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