6 ways to be a kinder person this National Common Courtesy Day

Kelly Baird/File

Tomorrow, March 21, is National Common Courtesy Day — who knew? In the hubbub of our busy lives as students, we often forget the value of common courtesy to our peers. Here are some easy ways to be a kinder person at UC Berkeley this National Common Courtesy Day.

Ask a fellow student how they’re doing

The next time you see a student looking visibly distressed (it shouldn’t be hard to find one, since it’s crunch time right up till spring break), take the time to ask how they’re doing. A small act like this can go a long way in making the other person feel acknowledged and cared for.

Say thank you to the AC Transit bus driver

OK, most of us do this already, but keep in mind how lucky we are to have a solid public transport system available for us — and for free! Considering the dreadful weather we’ve been experiencing lately, take a second to say thank you to the bus drivers who make sure we always get to where we need to go.  

Tell that poor soul who’s still looking for seats in the library that you’re leaving

We’ve all seen that exasperated student who’s been walking in circles around the library trying to find a seat for far too long. Next time you finish up your studying, reach out to that poor soul and tell them that a spot opened up. They’ll surely be grateful and you’ll feel good about helping a fellow stressed student out.

Keep the volume down once it gets late

The week right before spring break is always wrought with midterms, papers, deadlines and all sorts of stress. Try to be mindful of this and keep your noise levels down once it starts getting late, as most people will still be studying (or doing the responsible thing and going to sleep early).

Walk someone home when it gets dark

We all know Berkeley isn’t necessarily the safest city, especially at night. Take a few extra minutes of your night to walk someone home to make sure they return safely.

Share an umbrella with someone

The weather the past few days has been absolutely terrible, and there’s no denying it. Unpredictable but heavy rainfall, biting cold and strong winds do not make for a good combination. Sometimes you’ll see those few people who accidentally left their umbrellas home, or still haven’t gotten around to getting one yet. Put your best foot forward and help those people out by sharing your umbrella. At worst, they’ll reject your help, but at best, you’ll meet someone new.

While we’re all incredibly busy with our own lives and studies, it’s important to be a kind, considerate person. Observe this National Common Courtesy Day by using some of the tips shared above!

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