Quiz: Find out which pupper you are for National Puppy Day

Nishali Naik/Senior Staff

This March 23 is National Puppy Day! Friday is the day to appreciate and celebrate the creation of adorable balls of joy that we call puppies, famously known as puppers. It’s impossible to spot a pupper and not stand there awkwardly in awe. They’re just so darn cute! So, Bears, which pupper are you?

  1. It’s a Friday night, what do you do?
    1. SLEEEP!!
    2. Partying at the fraternities, of course!
    3. Netflix and chill ;)
    4. Catch up on my Chem 3A homework.
  2. What is your body type?
    1. Lanky.
    2. Stubby.
    3. Literally bones.
    4. I’m big and squishy like a pillow.
  3. What’s your favorite weekend activity?
    1. I love video games.
    2. Exploring the outdoors!! Big C hike!
    3. Sleeping in my dorm room.
    4. I have no clue. Going to Moffitt, maybe?
  4. Do you like people?
    1. Ew. Gross I prefer hanging out by myself.
    2. Doggos are great.
    3. Cats, please.
    4. I love people.
  5. What’s your personality like?
    1. I’m very energetic!
    2. I’m pretty chilllll. Catch me hangin’ with my friends on the Glade.
    3. I love to socialize. I’m the life of every party.
    4. I hate people.
  6. You’re hanging out with friends and it’s your turn to choose where to eat. Which restaurant do you decide to go to?
    1. Unlimited food is what I like. Crossroads it is!
    2. I’m fancy. We’re heading to the most expensive restaurant we can find. Chez Panisse, anyone?
    3. Something healthy, so Sweetgreen.
    4. What friends? I like eating in the comfort of my own home.
    1. Great Dane — You big, great fella! You’re a Great Dane. You’re super chill and just love everyone.
    2. Cat — Yikes. Well, this is awkward. Apparently you’re a cat…
    3. Saint Bernard — You’re the ultimate fluff ball. Sweet and charming, your inner Saint Bernard is just calling your name. You love the outdoors and being around others, especially your fellow puppers.
    4. Corgi — You’re a Corgi! Loved by everyone, you’re the ultimate social animal. But you do enjoy your alone time and lounging around the house.

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