Editor’s note: Admissions Issue 2018

It feels like just yesterday that we were right there in your shoes, pacing back and forth in our living rooms, refreshing the admissions portal and reminding ourselves that “Keep calm and carry on” never felt more real. In our hearts, we knew just how badly we wanted to get into the No. 1 public university in the world. We could almost taste the sweet victory, but we simultaneously knew it could all come crashing down in seconds. There was something in us, though. There was something in you. “Congratulations” is all you needed to see before you started jumping, screaming and, perhaps, crying. And now is the time to let it all sink in. We at the Clog are immensely proud of you and will be right here by your side throughout every part of your journey. We hope you decide to join the Golden Bear family.

Peace, love, congrats, Clog.

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