Get to know the world’s favorite clock tower, the Campanile

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Have you ever wondered what the Campanile does in its spare time? Well, wonder no more! In a recent interview with the Clog, the Campanile bared all and let us know what makes it tick. In the interest of conciseness, we’ve compiled a dating profile with all of the Campanile’s likes, dislikes and special skills.

Full name

Sather Tower

Preferred name

The Campanile

(coined for its resemblance to the Campanile di San Marco, located in Venice, Italy)


104 years


Berkeley, California

Favorite Quote

“Don’t count the days; make the days count.” — Muhammad Ali


Bee stings and crying freshmen

Favorite memory

“When they played the the theme song to ‘The Office’ on my bells.”


307 feet


Gothic Revival architecture


John Galen Howard


Jane K. Sather


Third tallest bell clock tower in the world

Best British accent

Significant other

The Golden Gate Bridge


“I’m really just a fun-loving bell tower with a love for music. Of course, my lack of mobility prevents me from doing anything too wild, but I get to let loose every evening when the carillon students play my bells. It feels great to have my bells play such beautiful music. Don’t get me wrong, chiming every hour is also great, but there’s something really special about ringing out a melody in full force. When I’m not enjoying my bells, I spend my days gazing at my love across the bay, GG, who I suppose you know as the Golden Gate Bridge. What a beauty. Other than my love for music and GG, I tend to people-watch. It’s great fun seeing the students scurry from class to class, stress crying and ignoring people they know. Sometimes students take phone calls at my base, and I get to hear a little bit of drama to keep me entertained. Besides that, it’s a simple life I lead, welcoming visitors and having my photo taken each and every day.

In terms of the future, I would love to have a new elevator. It would really relieve the stress from the risk of dropping people so many stories.”

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