Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher talks campus policing, staff structuring at Campus Conversation

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UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher sat before students, faculty and staff Thursday afternoon to discuss campus security, staff engagement and improvements to campus operations.

The third talk in a series of lectures called Campus Conversations — which aims to provide a forum for campus leaders to interface with the campus community — addressed staff structuring, campus shared services, campus policing and sustainability.

Fisher began his position as campus vice chancellor for administration in September 2017, a period that campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof, who moderated the conversation, called “an interesting time to arrive on campus,” in reference to the controversy surrounding “Free Speech Week.”

The heavy-handed security during Free Speech Week, which received widespread backlash from the campus community, was defended by Fisher. He discussed campus-appropriate security efforts that have been spearheaded by the student-proposed Police Review Board. Fisher has also expanded the presence of the community service officers, students who do not carry weapons and have been “well-received by the student population.”

Audience members brought up issues of workplace discrimination and inclusiveness, to which Fisher said his administration is looking to make improvements. Fisher emphasized the need for staff engagement, diversity and fostering upward mobility for UC staff.

“There’s constant conversation about how we can expand and improve all we can do when it comes to communication and conversation,” Mogulof said in an interview with The Daily Californian.

Fisher, who has served as the campus architect at UCLA and as the senior associate vice chancellor of admissions at UC Santa Barbara, drew upon comparisons between his UC campus experiences to emphasize UC Berkeley’s position as one of the better-funded UC campuses.

“(This) enables us to be more strategic,” Fisher said. “Resources are challenging, but I think the resources we have here are adequate to allowing us to do a great job.”

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