UCLA outranks UC Berkeley for best US graduate school of education

Zichen Zhao/Staff

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The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education was ranked 19th among the nation’s graduate school programs for education by U.S. News.

UCLA beat out UC Berkeley significantly, ranking No. 1 in the nation, with graduate school programs at Harvard University and University of Wisconsin—Madison trailing closely behind at No. 2.

In fall 2017 and early 2018, U.S. News surveyed 385 graduate schools that grant doctoral degrees in education. Out of the 385, the publication received 267 responses from schools, providing the data necessary to calculate rankings.

The rankings were developed through a weighted average of 10 measures, including peer assessment, student selectivity, faculty resources and research activities.

The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education offers several programs, such as a research-oriented combined M.A./Ph.D. program and an M.A. program to earn teaching credentials for K-12. In addition, the school offers an undergraduate minor in education.

“Our research, teaching, and practice approaches support a vision of public education that has as its goal equity and inclusion at all levels — classroom, school, community, district, state, national, and global — and that positively impacts personal growth and social transformation,” states the school’s website.

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