10 pranks to play on yourself this April Fool’s Day

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What’s the best prank you can play on April Fool’s Day? Obviously a prank on yourself! Sure, pranking your friends can be fun, but the ultimate test is when you take on the challenge yourself. Start April off with a bang by trying these 10 pranks that you can play on yourself.

1. Bring the wrong scantron and/or blue book to an exam

Let’s be honest, it’s midterm season every season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! For many exams, you’re asked to bring a scantron or blue book. This April Fool’s Day, show up to your exam with the wrong scantron and/or blue book! You’ll experience your heart racing like no other. If you love to be the center of attention, this one’s for you. When you raise your hand to let the proctor know that you have the wrong scantron, you’d better believe that all eyes will be on you.

2. Lie to yourself about being productive

What’s funnier than believing that you’re actually getting all of your work done instead of procrastinating until the night before? This is actually a trick question because the answer is nothing! Nothing says instant stress like counting down the hours until your project is due or your midterm starts. You and everyone around you will get a good laugh out of this one, especially your GPA!

3. Study the day of your midterm

Why prep for your exam weeks in advance when you can just study for it on the day of? If racing against the clock is something that gets you going, you’ll enjoy this one for sure. The time is ticking and your midterm is about to begin. A wise person once said that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Even if that means hammering a semester’s worth of material into your head in less than 24 hours!

4. Get on the wrong bus

Public transportation is super convenient in the Bay Area. You can basically hop on a bus or a train and take it practically anywhere. Many of us use these buses to commute to campus. See that bus you need to catch? Cool, but don’t get on it. Instead, hop on the bus that takes you in the opposite direction — far, far away from campus.

5. Don’t set an alarm

Sleep is a wonderful thing, so why deprive your body of it? Let your body wake up when it wants to by not setting an alarm. Just imagine how stressed (and well-rested) you’ll feel when you wake up and realize that you slept through all of your classes! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this one’s for you!

6. Glue your eyes to your phone while walking around

The best pranks are the ones that end with people running into things and falling on their face. If you enjoy watching compilations of people falling, just imagine the excitement of being the person who actually eats shit when they fall! This one’s fairly easy to accomplish. Just walk around while on your phone and you’re bound to bump into someone or something. Maybe even both!

7. Believe that you’ll get to class on time when you’re taking AC Transit

Many students live a little way from campus and depend on the bus to get to and from class. If this is you, read carefully, because this prank’s a good one! The bus is coming in five minutes, so you should get to campus in no time. Maybe you’ll even arrive a little early and get to catch up on some Instagram posts or Snapchat stories when you get to class! All is fine and dandy until your NextBus app changes from five minutes to 40 minutes. Now the stress is building in your body and you’re starting to break a sweat. Better get those running shoes on, because today’s workout is cardio-intensive.

8. Don’t go to class

Why waste your time in lecture when you can be doing something less painful instead? Plus, many large lectures don’t even take attendance, so you’ve got nothing to lose (besides your GPA, of course). Want to take it even further? Keep telling yourself that you’ll go to the next lecture, but stay home instead. Unfortunately, if you have iClicker questions or quizzes, you’ll actually have to go to lecture. But not to worry — you can still prank yourself by not paying attention in class. It’s not like we’re paying thousands of dollars to attend this school, anyway!

9. Study in bed

Who says you can’t relax in a comfortable bed and study at the same time? After a couple of minutes, your eyelids will slowly begin to get heavier and you’ll eventually fall into a deep sleep. After a couple of hours, you’ll wake up in a panic with some insane bed head, wondering how long you’ve been asleep and how much work you actually got done. Nothing beats the rush of this one!

10. Go to UC Berkeley

You better believe that we saved the best for last. Disclaimer: This one’s only for the most experienced pranksters. If you think you can take on a real challenge, then knock yourself out with this prank. The ultimate prank that you can play on yourself this April Fool’s Day is to going to UC Berkeley! Can we get a “Go Bears”? Where else would you possibly want to rot away taking grueling prerequisites than the home of the Golden Bears?

Remember — why prank someone else when you can play it on yourself?

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