Worst pranks to pull on UC Berkeley students this April Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day is finally upon us, and that means pranks are everywhere! While we at the Clog appreciate a good prank every once in a while, here are some of the worst pranks that you should not (emphasis on not) pull on your fellow Berkeley students.

Telling a friend in your class the midterm is earlier than than they expected

This is brutal. As it is, all of us Berkeley students are constantly on edge. Telling a friend a midterm is earlier than what they expected will not only spike up their heart rate, blood pressure and stress, but it’s also very likely they’ll just collapse into tears in front of you.

Handing out flyers on Sproul Plaza that say “You’ve been punked”

We all know getting flyered is no fun, especially if you’re not interested in whatever is being promoted. Don’t be the person who tries to prank someone by unnecessarily flyering them.

Telling someone an application deadline already passed

Internship stress is palpable this time of year. This prank is sure to have a friend or colleague yell in frustration or go on an anxious tangent about how their bright future is over because they forgot to apply to a particular internship or research position.

Let someone know there’s space in the library to study (when there’s actually not)

Midterms + papers = sleepless nights at the library. The classic Main Stacks and Moffitt are always packed this time of the semester. Telling a student who just wants a quiet place to work that there are seats available in any of the main libraries is borderline evil.

Texting “attendance is mandatory today” to a friend

Let’s face it, sometimes we have a hard week, or things come up, and as much as we try, we can’t always make it to class. Don’t be the person who forces a friend to panic and needlessly hustle to class only to be half an hour late to a class where attendance wasn’t necessarily being taken that day.

April Fool’s Day is the best day to poke fun at some of your friends, but just remember not to take it too far. Happy April Fool’s Day, Bears!

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