What Golden Bear stress dreams say about you

Willow Yang/File

You can’t spell UC Berkeley without “stress.” Alongside the perks of having Oski as our mascot and being better than Stanfraud, every Golden Bear is familiar with stress dreams. Whether provoked by our everlasting midterm “season” or UC Berkeley’s oh-so-lovely grade deflation, stress has come to not only disturb our conscious moments, but additionally wreaks havoc on our precious ZZZs each night. Luckily, the experts at the Clog have the inside scoop on what stress dreams say about you.

Falling (from the top of the Campanile)

You close your tired eyelids only to be greeted by a stress dream of your body plummeting to the ground. Your legs might even shake, jolting you awake, as you brace for impact. Such an unsettling and adrenaline-pumping dream of you falling means that your GPA is falling. Just like your body falling hundreds of feet, your GPA is too-eagerly nose-diving toward a 0. It’s totally the GSI’s fault though, so don’t worry too much. Maybe you can use memes to win them over. At least when your GPA reaches rock bottom, it can only go up from there.

Being chased (by Oski)

Another common stress dream that plagues each Golden Bear is the vividness of being chased, usually by a larger-than-life Oski. While Oski is usually greeted by throbbing hearts and giddy screams, your stress dream of him chasing after you warrants a reaction that is anything but that. Towering over you, his large eyes and menacing gait make for an unsettling image. But what does it mean? Dreaming of Oski chasing after you usually means that you’re avoiding studying for some big midterm or slacking off on an assignment. Don’t worry; we at the Clog totally get it. It’s spring semester and summer break is practically right there.

Losing your teeth (after eating in the dining hall)

Only in your stress dream would eating the questionable dining hall food result in your teeth falling out. You sit down to eat a laughable serving of some disappointing pasta, only to be met with your very own teeth falling out onto your plate. It’s probably because you don’t floss. Regardless, we at the Clog hope they’re compostable. The stress that brings about this disturbing type of dream can only signify emotions resulting from some problem that’s hard to overcome. It might be caused by an over-packed schedule or interviewers not contacting you back. Try to take a deep breath and remember that self-care is important.

While we can offer little more solace than the confirmation that we have stress dreams too, you might be able to rest a little easier knowing what your nightmares mean. With just over a month left in the spring semester and inevitable finals lurking in the corner, our classes are heating up. Take a deep breath and try to remind yourself that at least you don’t have to worry about Oski chasing you in real life. Our hunk of a mascot would never do that.

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