7 can’t-miss local events happening in April

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Need to de-stress or just take some time off from thinking about how much work you’ll have to do in the next few weeks? Look no further! Here’s a list (not comprehensive) of events you may potentially plan for to make this April a memorable one.

4/20 on Memorial Glade

Need I say more? This annual spectacle is one you will NOT want to miss. Whether you decide to contribute to the giant cloud of mistakes or not, this event will definitely have folks peeping at your Snapchat story. Additionally, why not pre-game for Cal Day right after?

Cal Day (April 21)

If you missed out on showing off your school pride during the Big Game, Cal Day is your chance to redeem your inner Oski. As you know, many potential freshmen will be among the rest of us and may use this experience to decide whether or not to SIR to the No. 1 public university in the world. Make your mark and spread some of whatever positivity you have left before dead week eventually comes around.

Free Cherry Blossom Festival Parade (April 22)

This wonderful event will take place in Japantown in San Francisco — just a BART trip away! Now that spring has officially sprung, flowers everywhere are in bloom for spectators’ delight! Not only do cherry blossoms come with visual appeal, but their perfume is one few will want to miss. If you’re looking for a few hours to freshen up and clear your mind before the storm of dead week, this would be the perfect time off for you!

Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s (April 10)

Lucky for you, Berkeley has its very own Ben and Jerry’s for you to get your free cone from its location on Center Street! If you’re looking for a quick, sweet treat, come here to sample one or more of the store’s dairy and dairy-free delectables. A free cone would be the perfect pick-me-up after a long or insanely hot day.

Miguel & Vance Joy at the Greek Theatre (April 12 and 13)

If you’re feeling a bit groovy, either of these concerts (or both) would definitely cater to your mood. Grab a friend and a few glow sticks and enjoy either Miguel‘s or Vance Joy‘s show! You can decide what to do with the adrenaline rush afterward.

National Grilled Cheese Day celebration (April 14)

You could decide to either go to the event hosted at the SoMA StrEat Food Park in San Francisco, or you could decide to get cookin’ and try out a few grilled cheese variations with your friends. Why not have a party to celebrate your collective love for melted cheese and clogged arteries?

4th Annual Bay Area Book Festival (April 28-29)

Calling all book nerds! Want to reward yourself during dead week? Come to this outdoor event in Downtown Berkeley where there will be hundreds of authors, fellow bibliophiles, an outdoor film festival and multiple literary exhibitions for you to interact with! There’s something for everybody.

Who says you can’t have fun before finals? The great weather and lifted spirits provide more of a reason.

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