Vote ‘yes’ on the Enrollment Clarification Act

Kelly Baird/Staff

It’s simple: If you’re seeking a degree at UC Berkeley, you should be able to vote for your student leaders. That’s why it’s important to vote “yes” on the Enrollment Clarification Act.

The current ASUC Constitution’s language doesn’t account for the distinction between enrollment (seeking a degree at UC Berkeley) and registration (signing up for classes for a given semester), so students who miss the deadline for the Cancel for Non-Payment policy, or CNP, can be excluded from being a member of and voting for the ASUC. The Enrollment Clarification Act will clarify this distinction and allow all students looking to graduate at UC Berkeley a chance to vote.

This lack of clarity became especially significant after the campus administration introduced CNP in 2016. The policy established an early deadline by which undergraduate students had to pay 20 percent of their tuition or be dropped from the classes they signed up for. Under this policy, registered students could be marked as “unenrolled” at UC Berkeley, which led to ambiguity about which students could actually vote in ASUC elections.

Being part of the campus community is so much more than being in classes for a semester. It is unfair for students who cannot meet the CNP deadline — often because of disbursement issues out of their control — to be excluded from voicing their vote. The results of the ASUC elections affect every student, so every student should have the right to choose their future representatives.

Vote “yes” on the Enrollment Clarification Act.

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