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How to overcome being back in Berkeley after spring break

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APRIL 04, 2018

Whether you spent your spring break in Cabo on the Mango Deck or with your parents watching HGTV, being back in Berkeley can be a shock. Luckily, we were greeted by sunny skies, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that many of us have been thrown back into the end of midterms and the annoyance that is our roommates. As always, the Clog is here for you to solve all of life’s issues.

If Berkeley culture shock is getting you down after the week away, slow down, take a breath and read this article.

Time for yourself

If you are so lucky as to have a room of your own back home, jumping back into your double can be a rough ride. That’s where alone time comes in. Try to get a little bit of time to yourself every day. Go on a walk, go to a café or go to Free House and take a nap on the couch. Getting a few extra minutes of alone time can help make the transition from your parents’ house to bustling Berkeley that much easier.

Not going cold turkey

Like with any physical dependency, it isn’t safe to go cold turkey. Going from a weeklong binge to nothing at all just isn’t safe. So make sure to slowly wean yourself off of Netflix before you quit altogether. I get it; we all have studying to do. But think about the consequences of fully depriving yourself of “Queer Eye” before you click exit.


Out of breath? Legs sore? We’ve all been there. Usually, it’s in the fall when we return from a long summer of either lying in bed or sitting at a corporate desk, but the adjustment to Berkeley inclines and the distance to Li Ka Shing after spring break can be a real challenge, too. The key here is just to be kind to yourself, as you’ll be gasping for air. Just accept it. And don’t make any phone calls to your long-distance significant other while you walk up Bancroft.

Drinking (only if you’re 21-plus, of course)

This can go one of two ways. If most of your spring break was spent with friends and drinks, maybe give yourself a little break. It might help you transition to studying more seamlessly than going out on Tuesday night. On the other hand, if you hung out with your dog all break (the dream), don’t think you can just go straight into your usual handle pulls. One shot at a time.


If you’re lucky, you got a lot of sleep this past week. Try to keep it going as long as possible. Add an hour or two to the typical three hours of sleep you get while you’re at school to ensure that you don’t fall asleep in your chemistry lecture.

Time management

Maybe this final month is the time your time management skills will shine. You can schedule when you sleep, when you study and even when you poop. Berkeley won’t be so disorienting or stressful because you’ll know exactly when and where you’re supposed to be. It’s worth a shot.

Six more weeks

No matter how many tests, roommates or stress cries you have, remember there’s only six more weeks. You’ve made it this far, and you can definitely finish strong. Spring break was just a taste of what awaits you this summer.

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APRIL 04, 2018