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Stages of grief with the loss of the OG 'Overheard at UC Berkeley' Facebook page

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APRIL 04, 2018

Unless you were seriously disconnected from all things Berkeley over spring break, you might have heard that our beloved “Overheard at UC Berkeley” Facebook page is no more. Of course, you must be dealing with the loss of this cultural icon in your own way, but we at the Clog thought we’d aid you in the stages of grief.


You must be thinking, “No, how could this happen? We literally had thousands of followers! People who didn’t even go to Cal followed our Overheard page!” It’s completely natural to be in denial at this moment, so just acknowledge it, process it, and you’ll be able to move forward.


You’ll be frustrated and irritated. Maybe you posted a killer Overheard post that received 2,000 likes and now that legacy is gone, or perhaps you were an Overheard icon and posted quality content each time. With nothing to show for these achievements, you undoubtedly must be feeling some sort of rage.


You might feel the need to do anything to revive the glory of the original Overheard page. Maybe you start posting funny Overheards on your personal Facebook page, or you find other universities’ Overheard pages in which to immerse yourself.  

Deep sadness

Now you will move on to the stage of feeling lonely, isolated and sad. It’s helpful to have a friend to help you cope with this and talk about classic Overheard posts with. Use this time to reminisce about good ol’ posts, including greatest Overheard hits such as something being “seriously wrong with the Indian guys at Berkeley,” or “dead week giving incompetent people a chance to catch up.”


After completing the previous stages, you’ll be well on your way to accepting the fact that our Overheard page is no more. You’ll be able to explore new avenues for entertainment and even have the chance to record iconic content on the new Overheard page. Either way, you’ll soon adapt to this change.

Even though we lost the OG Overheard page, we at the Clog hope that through these steps, you’ll be able to recover and discover a whole new world of #relatable and iconic posts.

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APRIL 04, 2018