Vegan deli The Butcher’s Son expands to new location but stays close

Jinsu Elhance/Staff

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Berkeley’s vegan delicatessen The Butcher’s Son, renowned for house-made vegan foods, will expand its business across the street, moving into the space formerly occupied by Maker’s Common.

Restaurant co-owner Peter Fikaris said constant crowds are difficult to accommodate in the deli’s small space, so he has “been eyeing” Makers Common’s spot for the past six months.

“We offer items you can’t find anywhere else,” Fikaris said in an email. “People are very intrigued by ‘our version’ of certain meats and cheeses.”

The new location will allow The Butcher’s Son to have more of what Fikaris imagined for the restaurant, including a “larger market/retail space with a wider variety of meats and cheese, grab n’ go items, take n’ bake items and collaborative food items from other local vegan businesses,” according to an article by Berkeleyside.

According to an Instagram post, the deli has spent several months working on new recipes and products and a new menu. The new space will contain a market section, a larger kitchen and an abundance of seating.

This move comes at a time when business at The Butcher’s Son has been booming. Customer and campus junior Tanya Hanson said the restaurant is swamped on the weekends.

Longtime customer and former The Butcher’s Son employee Ruby Sapia echoed sentiments about wait time and limited space.  

“The nearly perpetual long line and lack of seating are big problems,” Sapia said in a text message. “Hopefully the new space fixes both.”

Though The Butcher’s Son’s menu includes items such as BLTs, fried chicken and cheesecake, all the foods are made without animal products.

The deli’s neighbors won’t be changing much, with Pedro’s Brazil Cafe and Poki Poke remaining within walking distance. Nearby eateries have also shown support for the restaurant’s move.

“We will get more foot traffic since Butcher’s Son is so popular, (people) might go there to eat and go here for dessert,” said Liliana Shaw, who works at Blue’s Chocolates, up the street from the new space.

Shaw said a vegan butcher’s shop is an original idea and added that The Butcher’s Son executes the idea well.

The current location of The Butcher’s Son location will serve as a production kitchen, storage facility and office space after the move, according to Fikaris.

“It’s been a challenging couple of years for both ourselves and our customers and we thank you for your patience, but at last we’re here, at midnight tonight we take possession of our new location right across the street,” The Butcher’s Son announced in an Instagram post Saturday. “We’ll start announcing what’s coming in the next couple of weeks as we start transforming this space.”

“The Butcher’s Son is so accommodating; truly anyone can bring anyone, and they can eat,” Sapia said. “They cater to allergies, intolerances, healthy and nonhealthy options for everyone.”

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