Once again, spring break reminded us why it’s the best break

Maya Shen/File

A hot dog is absolutely a sandwich, night showers beat morning showers, and “GIF” is pronounced like the peanut butter. Now that we’ve addressed those controversies, it’s time we settle a final point of contention: Spring break is the best break. Fresh off the blissful week that left us all too soon, we at the Clog have got our fair share of reasons why spring break reigns supreme. Before you go hooting and hollering about your love of turkey or deep attachment to summer vacation, just hear us out. 

Unlike a certain other break that centers on turkeys, spring break is a time when our freedom is unencumbered by the fear of finals. Our lovely exams loom just far enough in the distance that we can convincingly ignore them altogether. Those of you who love that measly four-day reprieve in November seem to forget that Thanksgiving break is filled with family, food and fear. The inescapable truth that finals await us upon our return presents a damper that no amount of mashed potatoes and gravy can remedy.

Presidents Day is just a tease, and the long summer vacation comes with the dreaded stress of internships. Goldilocks, take note: Spring break is just the right length. The one week we get off is enough time for us to eat at all of our favorite restaurants from home and squeeze in a fun trip with friends. Contrary to popular plebeian logic, more is not always better. The amount of time we spend with our family is just brief enough to escape before the law of diminishing returns begins to rear its ugly head.

You’re probably thinking that these parameters have set winter break as the frontrunner in the academic hiatus race to the top. But alas, winter break is one of the most stressful times of the year. We may have finals behind us, but our worries are far from over. We’re slammed with the holiday shopping frenzy the instant we’re free from our Friday 7-10 p.m. final. The entire first half of December is dedicated to cramming a semester’s worth of learning into two weeks. This means that we’re more behind in holiday shopping than we are in the aforementioned coursework. The weeks of winter break are wasted on finding an appropriate gift for your coworker’s neighbor’s dog.

Spring break is the time for road trips and our first taste of warm weather. We don’t have to deal with the semi-adult word of internships as we will in the summer, and Sparky the dog doesn’t need a gift. Only 352 more days until the best break of the year.

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