Sexually risqué illustration, article are unacceptable messages for the UC Berkeley community

Willow Yang/File

I graduated from UC Berkeley years ago. Although I’m not a regular subscriber to this newspaper, I have recently viewed some editions that I find disturbingly gross, sordid, tasteless and below any publication that I’ve read in years.

I do understand journalism and have written articles that have appeared in national publications. But please explain just what you intended to convey to your readers from the “illustration,” which it certainly is not, that accompanies the article called “Viva la vulva.” What message is this? Absolute trash is what it is.

Further, I just read the wonderful article called “Understand the power that’s inside” — a pornographic exposé of stimulating sexual encounters. I am far from a prude, but I found this content to be not only inappropriate, but grossly offensive. And I’m not alone.

Both the illustration and article are indecent and crude. The Daily Californian is disseminated on and throughout the UC campus and surrounding communities. It represents the corpus of the student body and therefore identifies strongly with the campus itself. To do as you have done is shameful to all concerned.

Robert Angell is a UC Berkeley alumnus who currently resides in Idaho.