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Hung Huynh for executive vice president

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APRIL 09, 2018

Hung Huynh is the only candidate qualified for ASUC executive vice president, or EVP.

As a current senator, he’s shown an ability to adapt and get results for the students who elect him, and he is poised to execute his plan of improving the transfer of institutional knowledge from one senate class to another.

Huynh’s candidacy, however, does leave something to be desired. Too many of his platforms center around continuing his current work, even though the responsibilities of EVP are overwhelmingly different from those of a senator. Huynh, who is running with Student Action, will need to quickly develop not just a nuanced understanding of the bureaucracy he’ll help manage, but a strategy to boost its efficiency.

For example, the EVP must be an expert on business development in Lower Sproul Plaza and in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union basement. But in his interview with The Daily Californian editorial board, Huynh called this area a weakness for him.

To his credit, only days later at the Daily Cal’s ASUC elections forum, Huynh had clearly put in the work and deftly answered a question about the spaces’ profitability. Hopefully, he can continue this trend of swift learning.

Meanwhile, his opponent, independent candidate and former Daily Californian distribution analyst Derek Topper, brings nothing to the table. His campaign consisted of a laundry list of complaints without any proposed solutions. In an interview with the Daily Cal editorial board, he railed against the CalSERVE and Student Action establishments, but he did not present himself as a reasonable or knowledgable alternative. He deserves zero votes.

Huynh is a fighter who, despite some shortcomings, will serve students well as EVP.

Vote Hung Huynh for executive vice president.

Opinion editor Chantelle Lee recused herself from the discussion of this endorsement because of her social relationship with Derek Topper.

Corrections: A previous version of this article failed to disclose that Derek Topper formerly worked at The Daily Californian.
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JUNE 19, 2018