Totally viable replacements for our lost ‘Overheard’ page

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

Over spring break, we suffered a hard loss here in the UC Berkeley community. Our beloved “Overheard at UC Berkeley” Facebook page was removed without prior warning. For some, this page was a relief from the daily stresses of the average Cal student, and for others, it was a reminder that we all share the same struggles and concerns across campus. In any case, we think we’d all agree that we need to keep the thread alive. As soon as the page disappeared, we called an emergency Clog meeting and brainstormed a list of possible “Overheard” page replacements.

Utilize Post-its

On-campus bathrooms make for great targets. Bring your go-to school supplies and come ready to line the walls with your brilliant overheard phrases. Starting small and slowly scaling up, be sure to infiltrate Dwinelle Hall, Doe Library and eventually all of Berkeley.

Tape them to your windows

Print your latest overheard statements on the windows of your residence. The units are a perfect place to start, as the structural layout of the buildings surrounding the courtyard will provide optimal display.

Write them in the “add comments” section

Whenever you submit an assignment, note your latest overheard quote. Make sure your GSIs are aware of the remark one sadboi made in your morning discussion or the dark jokes you heard a CS major tell their project partner in Cory Hall. Your quote will surely make its way over to the professors, and eventually Chancellor Christ will broadcast them to the entire student body.

Use the transparent boards in Moffitt Library

That’s why they’re there. One day, somebody foresaw this tragic day and thus constructed these boards so that we can keep the web strong. There’s no better pick-me-up than an overheard saying when you’re on the verge of tears studying for your Physics 7A midterm.

Project posts on the Campanile

The Campanile was actually also created for this purpose. This Berkeley staple was built as the world’s third tallest bell and clock tower 100 years ago, precisely for the time that we’d need an “Overheard” page replacement.

Make an announcement in class

Head into your 500-person lecture ready with some spicy overheard phrases, and when you find the right moment, raise your hand and share it with the entire class. Bonus points for participation!

Click “reply all”

The real benefit of the many campus clubs you can join is the myriad networking opportunities. Next time you get an email about your next meeting, just hit “reply all” and throw in a couple of good overheard expressions. All 150 recipients of that email will appreciate it.

Raise the overall volume of your conversation

Speaking at a louder volume at all times will eliminate the issue of not having a page altogether. If you speak loud enough at all hours of the day, everyone will just hear what you said. Problem solved.

There’s no question that we’ll keep the memory of the original “Overheard” page alive, but in the meantime, we’re grateful for this list of viable alternatives.

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