22-year-old UC alumnus announces campaign for California governor

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Twenty-two-year-old Shubham Goel is running for California governor in the upcoming election as an independent candidate, aiming to demonstrate that anyone can run and make a difference.

The youngest candidate in the race, Goel is a class of 2017 UCLA alumnus with a degree in economics and a minor in film and has working experience in the software, virtual reality and entertainment industries.

“Being the youngest candidate in this race and working as a Virtual Reality Manager, I definitely feel my viewpoint and approach to our state’s issues set me apart from the other candidates,” Goel said in an email.

His seven major platforms address higher education, government transparency, tax cuts, social media, the high-speed railway, the creation of a venture capital fund and the funding of Hollywood entertainment.

“He’s definitely a very passionate person,” said Hugh Edwards, Goel’s college friend. “He’s very good with people, and I feel that is an important quality of a governor.”

Some of Goel’s proposed changes include creating digital profiles detailing California officeholders’ economic interactions and platforms, cutting sales tax and lowering regulations on small businesses, and creating a $100 million venture capital fund to invest in California companies in order to fix water shortage, housing and health care problems. In addition, Goel said he regards Hollywood as an important California industry and will work to increase funding for film productions in the state.

Some of Goel’s proposed actions will directly affect UC Berkeley students, including his plan to eliminate the California governor’s power to appoint new members to the UC Board of Regents. Goel said he plans to make the appointment of new regents an elective process that UC students can participate in.

Goel’s plans for education also include introducing entrepreneurial-based elective classes taught by Silicon Valley leaders in colleges and implementing a mentorship program between college and high school students.

“I hope this shows young people and anyone in California that no matter your situation, or background, you can change things for the better as long as you believe in your plan and take action,” Goel said in an email.

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