Ain’t no party like a vision board party

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Are you looking for a hip new way to party? Well, look no further! Vision board parties are a fresh way to celebrate and unwind after a long week. A vision board is basically a collage of all the things you hope to accomplish in life. This visual representation of your accomplishments can include anything from a job to your ability to trust other people — all the casual stuff.

In case you’re wondering, here are all the reasons why vision board parties are the best. First of all, you can speak to people at a normal volume instead of screaming over loud, overrated music. That being said, the party will probably be small enough that even if you aren’t the host, you can have some say over the music.

In terms of alcohol, nobody has to drink Vitali — or drink at all, for that matter. What a deal. That means that the next morning you’ll actually be able to wake up and do homework because you spent the night growing as a person instead of blacking out. Along that same note, you can gather your thoughts on school, friends and your future all in one night. All the while, your creative juices will flow, and you can show all your friends how good at collaging you are.

As always, the Clog is here to make sure your party reaches its maximum potential. Hit up that craft store for all of your vision board needs, including poster board, glue sticks, stickers and scissors. Next, steal a bunch of magazines and Daily Cal newspapers to cut out pictures from. You’ll then need to buy food and drinks. Crowd favorites include nachos and popcorn, but it’s up to you. Next, make a bomb playlist. Top 40 is fine, but vision board parties call for more of a smooth jazz vibe or maybe Miguel.

Most importantly, invite about 30 people so that maybe 1o will show up.

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