Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission chair Igor Tregub to run for City Council District 1

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Igor Tregub, who is currently the chair of Berkeley’s Housing Advisory Commission, chair of the city’s Zoning Adjustments Board and a member of the city’s Rent Stabilization Board, is running for the District 1 City Council seat.

Tregub said he will officially announce his candidacy at a press conference April 16, and his campaign will focus on housing, sustainability, infrastructure and the reduction of crime rates. Linda Maio, who has represented District 1 on City Council for 25 years, will not be seeking reelection.

People who have worked with Tregub in various political venues have recognized his passion for housing, environmental and transit issues. San Leandro City Councilmember Corina Lopez said she saw his passion for these issues during their time on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee and in the Sierra Club.

“It’s not just a platform per se — it’s really his value system overall,” Lopez said. “He’s really passionate about affordability and homeless issues and kind of dealing with those issues in a progressive way.”

Some of his past experience in housing policy include strengthening the Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee Ordinance, which provided incentive to housing developers to expand affordable housing in Berkeley. He was also instrumental in crafting the city’s first sweatshop-free ordinance, which was passed by City Council in 2009.

He emphasized that his campaign will also focus on infrastructure improvements, such as improving roads and accessibility to public transportation.

“These are everyday problems and challenges that my family and the families of my neighbors have had to deal with. I think the best solutions come through collective efforts and inclusive decision-making processes,” Tregub said.  “I hope to earn my neighbors’ support, and I am confident that the best policy solutions will come out of this kind of unified decision making.”

As an immigrant, Tregub said he participated in a sit-in and singing demonstration, calling on Congress to pass a “clean” bill that protects immigrant minors from the threat of deportation.

According to Rent Stabilization Board chair John Selawsky, Tregub also contributed to the community through his work on the board, noting his experience as the chair of the board’s Budget and Personnel Committee. Selawsky said Tregub “works harder than everybody else” and that he “absolutely” supports Tregub’s campaign, after having endorsed him.

Tregub said he feels that his most important supporters are his neighbors. He said he is excited to have conversations with the residents of District 1 to earn their support as part of his “people-powered” grassroots campaign.

“I am running to do my part in public service and ensure that Berkeley is a place that we can all call home,” Tregub said. “I fell in love with the city and the wonderful neighbors that make this such a special place to live.”

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