Therapeutic activities you can do that aren’t sleeping

Maryam Eldeeb/Staff

School, work and life in general can get pretty stressful sometimes. Whether you’re finishing midterms, starting finals or writing your memoir, try to take some time to relax. Even if your life is pretty chill, everyone deserves some “me time.”

Sleeping is always an excellent way to unwind, but there are a bunch of other activities that require minimum energy and maximum chill.

Putting on a face mask

It doesn’t matter how classically feminine a face mask is portrayed to be — it’s a life improvement. Taking 10 minutes to pamper your skin can help you take a break from your crazy study schedule. Not to mention, your face will feel and look good, meaning you will feel and look good. Plus, you can enjoy said face mask while doing other work or another relaxation activity.


Knitting is perfect for those of us with restless hands. While your hands get some movement, the rest of your body can chill. Like a face mask, you can also combine knitting with your work or other relaxation techniques such as listening to music. On top of that, you’ll have a cool scarf to show for yourself.


You may not be into yoga or meditation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time to focus on your breath. Simply deepening your breath can work wonders for your health, especially when you’re feeling anxious. The best part of this relaxation technique is that you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Writing a letter

Did someone piss you off? Are you in love? Try writing a letter to the person you’re upset/in love with to tell them how you really feel. Hold nothing back. Tell your professor just how messed up that last midterm was. You can let loose and say whatever you want. Just remember to either throw the letter away or lock it up in your safe.


Your body can do some pretty cool stuff, including holding stress in certain parts of it. Simply sitting on the floor and reaching for you toes can relieve some of the stress in your muscles and your mind. If you want to get really deep, try stretching out your hips in a pigeon pose — a lot of people have been known to cry in that one.

Taking a walk

Have you ever walked around Berkeley without a destination in mind? Let me tell you: It’s pretty nice. You’ll notice a lot of things you’ve been too busy to see on your way to class. Plus, it’s a really easy way to get a bit of exercise without getting sweaty.

Listening to music

Throw on some tunes, lay back and relax. It’s pretty great to just close your eyes and listen to music, but studying with some smooth jazz does the trick, too. Bonus: You can do this at the same time as a face mask, knitting, breathing, writing, stretching or walking.

You do a lot. Take some time to chill out.

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