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Gotta catch 'em all: 5 apps that we should bring back

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APRIL 16, 2018

Apps. The things that make our smartphones so much more entertaining. Over the past few years, there have been some apps that have taken over our lives. We all have at least one app that we will find ourselves on every second of every day. It has pretty much become a part of our lives. But apps come and go, and soon you’ll find a new app that will consume your life. Here are some apps that were huge parts of our lives and that we should revive.


The app that satisfied our short attention spans. We were able to enjoy hundreds of hilarious, five-second videos with just a click of a button. Too often, we’ve found ourselves watching and sharing Vines for hours on end. Oh, do we miss Vine. YouTube videos are just too long. Thank goodness for Vine 2.

Pokémon GO

This has to be one of the most popular apps of all time. The app launched around the summer of 2016 and quickly gained attraction. Soon you saw thousands of kids, teens and adults out and about more than ever before. Public spaces such as parks, streets and famous places were filled with people just looking down on their smartphones trying to catch ’em all. We bet the older generations was quite confused by our rare excitement to go outside.

Flappy Bird

This app definitely took over everyone’s lives. Flappy Bird is based on a simple concept (getting the bird through the obstacles) and has to be one of the most popular games of all time. Everyone was playing it at some time, and it was indeed addicting.

Fun Run

Ah, finally a game in which you could compete with your friends. This game probably drove all your teachers crazy, as half of the students in class were on their phones, screaming.


Although not completely dead, Tumblr has definitely lost its popularity over the past few years. Tumblr was the place to be. It allowed you to reblog things that resonated with you, like a quote about how life is so difficult because your eighth-grade crush didn’t like you back. Tumblr really enabled your inner angsty teenage self to shine.

Let’s bring back these apps that once took over our lives. #revivetheseapps2018?

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APRIL 16, 2018