It’s not lit: Dope ways to avoid the 4/20 blazers on campus

Sharon Pan/Staff

‘Tis the season to smoke a pot load of weed. 4/20 is just around the corner, which means the aroma of weed will fill the entire campus this coming Friday. Here are ways to avoid the 4/20 blazers — we at the Clog are here to the rescue.

Avoid Memorial Glade

This is an obvious one. Avoid the Glade at ALL costs. There will be hundreds of students celebrating 4/20. If you aren’t looking to get a hit, then don’t pass the Glade.

Hide out

Today can be the day that you catch up on your favorite TV shows that you have been deprived from all semester. Treat yo’self to a day to yourself. You’ll need it because dead week is almost here.

Amazon Prime hazmat masks

If you need to go on campus but don’t want to inhale the fragrance of marijuana, order yourself a hazmat mask. You can get one for as cheap as $10 on Amazon. Amazon Prime it and you will for sure be ready to face 4/20.

Amazon Prime a hazmat suit  

You have the mask to prevent secondhand smoking. But how will you protect your clothes from smelling like weed? Order yourself a hazmat suit! With the mask and suit, you will definitely be ready to fight the 4/20 blazer. Don’t worry about looking like a crazy person; I doubt anyone will remember anyway.

Find a friend in Freeborn

Freeborn is a substance-free residential hall. There will definitely be no weed there. This is the perfect place to hide out if your roommates are celebrating 4/20 from home.

Good luck, our non-4/20 blazers. We wish you the best in your 4/20 endeavors.

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