Forget Coachella — Cuco, No Vacation, Flamingosis take on Cal Day

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It’s nearing 5 o’clock on Friday, and your edible has just kicked in. You make your way toward campus and notice that the entire sky has erupted into an enormous cloud of hazy smoke. You stop to buy some $5 In-N-Out from a booth on Lower Sproul Plaza. But before you can kick back and enjoy the weekend we’ve all been waiting for — Cal Day! —  it’s only right that you have the perfect music to vibe to. To accommodate, ASUC SUPERB Productions is providing a variety of free performances to ensure a lit kickoff to Cal Day weekend.

On April 21, the UC Berkeley campus will be transformed for the influx of visitors attending Cal Day 2018. To showcase the best of Berkeley for thousands of newly admitted students and also celebrate the school’s 150th year anniversary, the entire campus presents a full day of more than 400 exciting events, including SUPERB’s annual Cal Day Concert.

Featured performers at this year’s Cal Day concerts will include Flamingosis, No Vacation and Cuco  — a welcome contrast to last year’s Cal Day concert, which featured only one performance, Allah-Las, an American rock band from Los Angeles. Similar in style to last year’s performance, however, this year’s lineup is expected to once again brings carefree and breezy sounds to the weekend.

The kick off performance to the weekend, Flamingosis — a electronic music producer and beatboxer based in New Jersey — is set to perform Friday at 5 p.m. at Upper Sproul Plaza. His unique name comes from a freestyle Frisbee move invented by his father. After releasing his first album, Kahunastyle, in 2015, the artist gained attention as his tracks — full of energetic and playful sounds — are perfect for dancing and letting loose. His latest album, A Groovy Thing includes 18 tracks instilled with airy beats and funk samples, a slightly more relaxed approach than what we’ve seen in his previous work. As a self-proclaimed “sensitive man with a groovy plan” who “puts on an infectiously energetic live show,” his unique sound and summer vibes will add some warmth to campus, making any sunny day even brighter.

Two friends who started in just a college dorm room and transformed into a successful San Francisco-based indie rock band will take on Memorial Glade the following day. Known for its wavy singles “Yam Yam” and “Dræm Girl,” No Vacation is expected to bring some soft energy to the show. After a long hiatus from music, the band has reemerged and is currently working on its next sound. The band is also planning to makes its way out of San Francisco to further its artistry in New York City, so make sure to catch the set at 4 p.m., while you can.

The day will conclude with Cuco, a 19-year-old Chicano solo pop artist, known for his hit single, “Lo Que Siento.” His dreamy, smooth and fresh tracks — sung in English and in Spanish — are ones you’ll want to sit with for a while, as time stops and you’re caught up in the melancholy yet joyous vibes surrounding you. In his song “Lava Lamp,” he sings, “Someone’s out there / Waiting for me / I have to find her /And tell her that / I love her.” His heartfelt yet flirty lyrics are perfect for a spring day, so get out to the glade with that special someone — or, better yet, find that special someone you’ve been waiting for.

On a weekend dedicated in celebrating what has made and will continue to make UC Berkeley such a unique and lively place, Flamingosis, No Vacation and Cuco will provide the perfect soundtrack. And if you’re bummed about missing the second weekend of Coachella, you still have a chance to whip out your outfits and pose for the ‘gram.

So Golden Bears, make sure to come out of hibernation to enjoy a dope weekend.

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