Picks of the Week: Environmentalist activities for Earth Day and the rest of the week

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Earth Day might have been on Sunday, but The Daily Californian’s Arts & Entertainment staff is here to present you with enough local events to make up an Earth Week. From screenings of classic films to community events, this week offers no shortage of events to remind you that we’ve only got one planet to call home.

Monday, April 23 | “Rising Tides, Rising Voices” panel discussion on climate justice at Anna Head Alumnae Hall

Head on over to Anna Head Alumnae Hall to attend a panel discussion on the racial consequences and effects of climate change and environmental movements. In the vein of celebrating the Earth, this panel will be sure to celebrate everyone who inhabits it, recognizing the racial and economic divides within the fight for climate justice. Panelists include members from the Local Clean Energy Alliance, the Greenlining Institute and the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment.

Tuesday, April 24 | Free organic veggie community dinner at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

For the freshest pick of the week, University of San Francisco’s Community Garden class will provide myriad freshly picked vegetables at its community dinner. The dinner is entirely vegetarian and free of cost, though donations are encouraged. Nearly all of the veggies come from the USF garden, and the rest are sourced from local farmers markets. Come early, and come hungry!

Wednesday, April 25 | Free screening of “Jaws” at Pier 45

Few films better represent the awesome power of nature than “Jaws” — the maw of the ocean, and the far-deadlier, eponymous one. With this monster movie (and I’m not talking about the shark), Steven Spielberg invented the first blockbuster, and its jumpscares remain as effective as they were in 1975. Moreover, few places are better to watch “Jaws” than Pier 45 — who knows, maybe you’ll spot ol’ Bruce yourself.

Thursday, April 26 | Free screening of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” and Director Q&A at Presidio Officers’ Club

The Daily Californian once described “An Inconvenient Truth” as “equal parts erotic and environmentally conscious,” but if that’s not enough for you to check out Jon Shenk’s 2017 sequel to the landmark film, then an appearance by Shenk himself just might. He’ll be there to answer all your questions — but don’t bother asking if the original is a good Valentine’s Day watch. We’ve done that for you.

Friday, April 27 | Bioblitz: Nature treasure hunt in Noe Valley

There’s nowhere to hide in nature. But there’s plenty of fun to find! As part of the 2018 international City Nature Challenge, compete to observe the most natural phenomena, find the most species and encourage the most people to join you in your search. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll have fun uncovering the unique biodiversity of the Bay Area.

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