Juniperangelica Cordova announces speaking series after ASUC presidential election loss

Joshua Jordan/File

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ASUC Senator Juniperangelica Cordova may not have won the ASUC presidency, but she will continue her activism efforts by bringing a fresh perspective from the election to a new speaking series.

Cordova publicized the series in a tweet April 18 and said she will share experiences and lessons she has learned in her various leadership roles. She has already spoken at universities across the country, including UC Riverside, University of Southern California, University of New Mexico and University of Missouri.

Earlier this month, Cordova lost the ASUC presidential race to Student Action candidate and President-elect Alexander Wilfert. Cordova ran on a platform of uplifting marginalized voices and improving campus safety and basic needs, among other things.

CalSERVE party co-chair Romario Conrado said in a text that the party’s candidates and elected officials’ work does not rest solely on the outcome of the election. While her election loss will guide Cordova’s presentations, her messages will remain consistent, he said.

“My work has revolved around the rights of trans students … making spaces for people of all genders and focuses on trans women in higher education,” Cordova said. “Now I can bring that experience and talk about women in leadership and in an election.”

People “resonate with vulnerable storytelling,” according to Cordova, which is what her efforts have — and will be — centered around. The speaker series will likely begin in May and continue into the fall.


Cordova has long discussed the “truth of haters spinning brown femme passion as aggression,” according to Conrado, and this theme, among others, will continue in Cordova’s presentations.

Cordova hopes her postelection speaking series will help people consider their roles on campuses and re-evaluate what success means, especially in the face of big losses.

“The ASUC was not my community, so now I have time to give back to my community and the people who basically raised me,” Cordova said. “I am excited to be more creative with my advocacy.”

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