7 ways to practice self-care these last few weeks of the semester

Hannah Cooper/File

As finals approach and classes wind down with the last few midterms, papers and assignments being turned in, it’s very easy to become either one of two types of people. Either you’re chilling and coasting till finals, or you’re filled to the brim with stress and anxiety about finals. Since this is UC Berkeley, and we go to the No. 1 public university in the world, stress has become part of our daily regime, and most of us fall into the second category. Despite everyone normalizing sleep deprivation, stress and a massive workload, it’s important to take this time to take care of yourself and reflect on the past semester. Here are some ways you can practice self-care as the semester ends.

Go on a cafe date — by yourself

Strada, Milano and Brown’s are all great places to #treatyoself to a decadent coffee or sweet treat. Sometimes food, drinks and people-watching are all you need to destress and unwind.

Go to a group RSF class

The RSF has amazing group classes. Ask a friend to tag along to a zumba, UrbanKick or even yoga class to decrease your stress and increase that serotonin!

Call up your family and friends (who don’t go to UC Berkeley)

Our school, in addition to being the No. 1 public university in the world, is probably one of the most stressful places in the world. Even when you try to vent your stress to your friends, let’s be real: They’re often too caught up in their own lives to give you the attention you need. Give your family or friends who aren’t in Berkeley a call to vent. It’ll be nice to have a third person’s perspective on your Berkeley problems for a change.

Go to the top of the Campanile

Possibly the most random thing on this list, but taking a trip up to the Campanile can help you realize how your problems and stress can be insignificant in the greater scheme of things. On top of that, the steady, cooling breeze and breathtaking views are bound to de-stress you.

Take a hike to the Big C

Even though many of us cannot deal with exercise 90 percent of the time, a hike is a great way to get fit — and forget about your worries — in a fun way. Hike up to the Big C and get your Instagram ready for some spectacular views!

Take a nap on the glade

Some people may say sleep is for the weak, but honestly, once you sleep you’ve hit your peak. Sleeping is relaxing, calming and, most of all, healthy! Take a short nap on the glade to recharge.

Go to Tang if you feel the need

College is stressful, and it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time. If you ever find that school is all-consuming, definitely reach out to the resources UC Berkeley has. The Tang Center is a great service if you feel the need to talk to a counselor.

Even though it’s more common than not to constantly be stressed out here, please use this time before finals to practice self-care! We at the Clog believe in you to finish the semester strong!

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