10 of the most frustrating things to ever happen on ‘Gilmore Girls’


“Gilmore Girls” is an iconic show, from the fast-talking to Luke’s Diner to the obsession with coffee. However, we at the Clog can’t help but voice our grievances over some of the most frustrating and borderline illogical things that happened on the show. Here are 10 of the most frustrating things that happened on “Gilmore Girls.”

Heads up, serious spoiler alert! (But if you haven’t watched “Gilmore Girls” yet, what are you doing? The whole show is on Netflix! Get to binge-watching!)

1. Taylor being in charge of everything

Seriously. Why is Taylor allowed to run literally the entire town? He manipulates every Star Hollow resident, no one likes him, and there’s no way in you-know-what that it’s logically possible for one guy to control nearly all the major businesses in one town. Where’s the mayor of Stars Hollow when you need him?

2. Lane ending up with Zack

WHY? Lane had a dream of pursuing rock ‘n’ roll and gave it all up to be with Zack? She’s way better, way smarter and way more ambitious than him. That whole storyline is so upsetting that we just can’t even deal and does no justice for Lane.

3. Rory getting valedictorian AND only applying to Harvard, Yale and Princeton (AND getting into all three)

When Rory moved schools to Chilton, she got really bad grades for a while — so how the hell did she end up beating Paris for valedictorian? On top of that, she only applied to three universities — all of which were Ivy Leagues — and got into all of them! And, with no extracurricular activities! That would never happen IRL.

4. Rory sleeping with Dean even though he was married

This was so freaking problematic that Rory herself even tried to justify sleeping with a married man by saying Dean was hers first and that he wasn’t happy in his marriage. Girl, cheating is cheating.

5. Rory being adored by literally everyone

Someone please explain to us why Rory Gilmore is so special. Yes, she’s intelligent and reads a lot and has ambitions, but who doesn’t? Let’s set this thing straight. The reason Rory is able to so easily accomplish her goals is because of Lorelai’s support and her grandparents’ cash money!

6. (Most) of the men on the show!

With the exception of Luke and Richard, the men on this show are awful! From absent and impulsive Christopher who just toys with Lorelai’s emotions to wet-blanket Dean to emotionless and uncommunicative Jess — he gets better toward the end though ;) — to the awful entitled player that is Logan, the men on this show are in need of a serious upgrade.

7. Rory dropping out of Yale

This is so upsetting that we don’t even know how it began. It’s like Rory has no grit at all. Her parents and grandparents worked so hard to get her privileged self into Yale, but Rory just drops out just because ONE person tells her she won’t make it as a journalist. Rory, where’s your determination and sense of self-worth?

8. Lorelai at her father’s funeral

One of the saddest things in the revival of the show, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” was the death of Richard Gilmore. During the funeral, Lorelai gives a speech about her beloved father, but it just ends up being a complete train wreck. In a time when Lorelai should have reminisced about the heartfelt moments with her dad, she kept rambling about how her father abandoned her, was absent and didn’t care enough for her. Way to ruin everything, Lorelai.

9. Logan and Rory’s affair

If Logan-freaking-Huntzberger wasn’t already problematic enough, he and Rory have an affair in the revival even though he’s married and Rory is in a relationship with … who?? … oh yeah, Paul. It was one thing when she slept with Dean when he was married and you could try to justify it by saying they were both young. But come on, Rory is now 32 and still actively cheating? Way to be a homewrecker, Rory.

10. Rory dropping a HUGE bomb RIGHT BEFORE Lorelai is about to get married

The day Lorelai gets married to Luke (AKA #goals, AKA the best couple on the show), Rory waits until the worst possible moment to tell her mom she’s pregnant. What the hell, Rory! Could you not have waited just one day to tell your mom until after her special day? What is wrong with you?!

While “Gilmore Girls” definitely has its moments of frustrations, it’s still a one-of-a-kind, heartwarming show that will definitely keep you clicking that “Next Episode” button on Netflix over and over again. 

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