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5 reasons why Kirk was the best 'Gilmore Girls' character

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Gilmore Girls


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APRIL 26, 2018

When people think of “Gilmore Girls,” they usually think of the cute town of Stars Hollow, Luke’s Diner and, of course, the iconic mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. However, we at the Clog truly resonate with one particular character who really sums up the quirky essence of “Gilmore Girls” — that character is none other than Kirk Gleason. Although Kirk never got a real storyline, there’s no doubt that he made a special splash whenever he appeared in “Gilmore Girls.” We love Kirk, and here are five reasons why you should, too.

1. Kirk genuinely loves Stars Hollow

Kirk is always super hyped for anything going down in Stars Hollow. While some characters feel suffocated in the small town, Kirk embraces it for all that it is. He goes above and beyond to show his town spirit, which includes dressing as a seductive woman for Stars Hollow’s historical re-enactment. Kirk is every student at UC Berkeley who hates being at this school but will also yell “Bears!” whenever “Go!” is heard.

2. Kirk is an ideas man

Throughout all seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls,” Kirk has always come up with new, innovative business models and ideas. He doesn’t just have beauty, but brains, too! Kirk’s always looking for the next best thing and thinking of new ways to improve life in Stars Hollows. With UC Berkeley being a hub for startups, Kirk would definitely be a VIP at The House.

3. The grind never stops with Kirk Gleason!

Not only does Kirk continuously think of new ideas, but he also works hard to make his dreams reality. From peddling the pedicab around Stars Hollow to literally creating an exact version of an outdoor Luke’s, Kirk works tirelessly to make his ideas come to life. Hopefully, Kirk will inspire us to make our 4.0 GPA dreams a reality.

4. His relationship with Lulu gave us hope for love

Relationships were brutal to watch in “Gilmore Girls.” You had your frustrating couple of Luke and Lorelai who played off their relationship as “just friends” for four whole seasons. You also had your innocent love couple of Rory and Dean, who showed us just how pure young love was (and how fast it could crumble). But the couple that would never disappoint was Kirk and Lulu, with their odd but sweet relationship. Kirk even tried staying up all night to make sure Lulu wouldn’t have to endure his night terrors. He would probably stay up if he was studying at Moffitt, too.

5. He’s always there for his friends

Kirk is definitely everyone’s go-to guy in “Gilmore Girls.” Whenever anyone needs something, Kirk is always there to help out. He’s also the most willing to do anything for anyone — his selfless personality makes him the best character in the show! Kirk’s the type of guy who would send you the whole homework assignment, even when you only asked to see the first question.

Next time someone asks who your favorite “Gilmore Girls character is, just sit and really think about it. Obvious answers like Luke, Lorelai and Rory may come up, but we at the Clog think Kirk is the actual answer to this question. Everyone needs a Kirk in their life!

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APRIL 27, 2018