Quiz: Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ character are you?

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While you may think you’re just a UC Berkeley student, we at the Clog have some news to break to you — you’re actually a “Gilmore Girls” character at heart. But which one, you incredulously ask? Well that’s what we’re here for! Take our quiz to find out.

  1. What’s your favorite beverage, at any time of day?
    1. Coffee in the morning, afternoon, night — well all times of day. Forget water.
    2. Just give me whatever you want me to drink.
    3. A beer.
    4. A piping hot cup of tea. And only at tea time, of course.
  2. If you could choose one place to hang out, where would it be?
    1. I’d be at a coffee shop. See previous answer for why.
    2. In my garage, working on building my boat.
    3. Not at school — that’s for sure.
    4. At the salon, getting my nails done.
  3. Who’s your confidant?
    1. My family.
    2. No one — I keep to myself.
    3. I just write in my journal — no one knows I have one, though, so don’t tell anyone.
    4. My significant other.
  4. What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
    1. Any of my brightly colored sweaters.
    2. My baseball cap. Or my plaid shirt. Hard to choose.
    3. Some t-shirt from the bottom of my drawer.
    4. My suede jacket, buttoned up.
  5. If you went on vacation right now, where would you go?
    1. New York. I love the food, Broadway and you guessed it — coffee coffee coffee.
    2. Anywhere I can go fishing.
    3. I guess my mom’s house? I’m not really a vacation person.
    4. The Hamptons.
  6. Who do you think Rory should date?
    1. Dean — he was such a sweetheart.
    2. I think she should focus on school, and the right guy for her will come along soon (or maybe re-enter her life).
    3. Jess — it’s so obvious he likes her and will treat her well.
    4. As long as he comes to Friday night dinners and is a nice young man, I don’t care.
    1. Lorelai Gilmore! You love your coffee, and while you can be a little eccentric, you have the biggest heart and care immensely for your friends and family. You’re a go-getter and work hard, but you’re also the first person people come to for quality advice. Never change — the Clog loves you.
    2. Luke Danes! You’re carefree and aren’t picky whatsoever. While you may come off as intimidating, you’re extremely protective of everyone you care about. You wear your favorite outfit every day (or at least the same style of clothing) and never leave the house without your baseball cap. You do you.
    3. Jess Mariano! You’re an elusive soul with an unparalleled taste in literature. You’re smart but act like you don’t really care about school. You’re going to be successful in the future, so don’t play it so cool that you slow down, OK?
    4. Emily Gilmore! You’re pretentious AF and don’t care if other people see that. You like the fanciest of things and can be a little old-school. You’re hard to please, but you just have really high standards for everyone and everything, so maybe it’s all right.

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