Happy ‘Star Wars’ Day! May the 4th be with you

Julie Liu/File

Yay! It’s May the 4th! It’s also the Friday of dead week this year, so why not celebrate a little and take a break from studying for finals? Here are some ways that you could make the most of this very stellar holiday.

Have a movie marathon

Now is your chance to binge on all the movies with your friends and comment on Hayden Christensen’s performance. Sing along to the “Imperial March” with all of your chummies and cheer every time Chewbacca saves the day. Don’t worry about staying up late, because the weekend begins the next day! To make things extra fantastic, grab a glass of warm bantha milk.

Have a lightsaber duel

Show off your sick Jedi skillz in a lightsaber duel with a fellow “Star Wars” nerd. One of you could be Darth Vader with a glowing red saber, while the other could be Luke with a cool green blade. A true saber duel is not complete without background sound effects. Take the time to dress up, too. A lightsaber duel is a perfect prescription for releasing frustration.

Dress up your pet as an ewok or tauntaun

Who said that May 4 was just for humans? Bring your pets along for the ride and let them experience the rush of temporarily living in the “Star Wars” universe. We all already love our pets unconditionally, and dressing them up as a cute ewok or furry tauntaun only makes them more irresistible.

Go to the beach and complain about the sand

It’s coarse, it’s rough and it gets everywhere. Unleash the angsty Anakin within yourself on the beach. Dress in a cloak for maximum effect.

Have a Jar Jar Binks impression competition

Hands down, Jar Jar Binks may be the most annoying character in the franchise, but he is also one of the most fun characters to imitate. If you and your friends do this for long enough, you may find yourselves slowly starting to sound like Master Yoda.

Get boba

In honor of bounty hunter Boba Fett, get some milk tea with extra boba!

Get your friends to dress up as stormtroopers and walk through campus

The more friends you have, the more fun this becomes. Since this falls during finals week, you won’t have to worry about being judged. In fact, you might get applause and cheers.

Listen to a jizz album to feel the cantina vibes

Yes, you heard us. Jizz. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, it is the type of music that plays in the cantina scene in “A New Hope.” There was also a debut of a modernized spin in the casino scene in “The Last Jedi.” Bonus: Find someone in Cal Band who can play jizz.

With May the 4th comes the beginning of finals, but it is nice to have an opportunity to temporarily relish the craze of “Star Wars” fan culture.

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