6 bare necessities to manage UC Berkeley's finals week

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MAY 08, 2018

The worst and best time of the year has finally come — finals week! Why is it the worst? Because taking finals is stress inducing and makes us feel like our GPA defines us. Why is it the best? Because it reminds us that the school year is almost over — which means we’ll be living a few happy days before school comes back around. Here are a few bare necessities that every Golden Bear needs to have during finals week to make sure it’s not a complete bust.

1. A to-do list

A to-do list is one of the essentials we at the Clog think helps turn the worst week of a UC Berkeley student’s year into an OK-ish one. With the stress of finals, we may be prone to forgetting due dates, meetings or our mom’s birthday.

2. Sweatpants, leggings, baggy shirts and other clothes that will keep you comfortable

Some people may think that wearing comfy clothes will make you lazier and not in the mood to study. But how could someone study or take a test while constricted by a pair of jeans? Keeping it super comfy will allow your brain to do its work. Also, if you fall asleep while studying, at least you get to take a little nap.

3. Water, juice and other special liquids 

It’s essential to keep your body hydrated! Make sure to keep your trusty water bottle by your side. And in regard to whatever is in your Hydro Flask, may it be whatever your heart wants — including more yerba mate, water or adult beverages.

4. Kiwi Bots

Kiwi Bots can play a bigger role during finals week than just delivering food. Our phones are probably one of the biggest distractions we have. An easy way to combat this is to leave it in one of the Kiwi Bots that stroll around campus. With how much those robots travel, your phone will definitely be out of sight and out of mind, leaving you time to focus on finals.

5. A foldable or rolling chair

When I think of finals week, I think of the lack of seating everywhere. With everyone, including myself, waiting until the last possible second to study, seats are something of value. Start carrying a chair around with you everywhere so you’ll always have a seat when cramming.

6. Heelys

You may be thinking, why Heelys? It’s really simple. Being late or missing a final is one of our worst nightmares. Heely-ing around guarantees one of the quickest ways to get around campus. Woke up late and need to get to your final in 10 minutes? A normal 20-minute walk cuts in half when rolling!

Please, Golden Bears, bare with this last week! After finals are over, we’re home free — that is, until next semester, of course. Good luck!

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MAY 08, 2018