Things you’re sad to say goodbye to now that school’s over

Jessica Doojphibulpol/Senior Staff

Hallelujah! The semester has finally come to an end. As we’re all getting ready to head out of Berkeley this summer, we can’t help but think about all the things we’ll miss about this home away from home. With all of Berkeley’s wild times, we’re truly sad to leave this place. Here are a few things you can reminisce about when you’re feeling homesick.

The Hell Yeah guy 

Say goodbye to Oski, and hello to our new mascot, the Hell Yeah guy. You know you’ll miss his constant, excited shouting of “Hell yeah!” You’ll also miss hearing his hysterical jokes as you rush to your 10 a.m. You might be encounter other types of yelling during the summer, but it just won’t have the same feel to it.

The food

Don’t you just love paying more than $8 for mediocre sushi from the Golden Bear café? We know we do. You just can’t find that price and quality anywhere else! Also, let’s not forget about our five-star dining halls. They’ll definitely be missed, especially the wraps from the Den.

The constant stress

We’ve been living with stress and her neighbor, depression, for so long that it has become a part of us. Three months without it is practically going to kill us. We’ll miss the constant feeling of having an assignment to do, a paper to write or a test to cram for. How will we ever survive this summer with nothing to do besides relax?

Nixle alerts 

With summer here, the amount of daily Nixle reports going into our inboxes will plummet. With a clear inbox and a clear conscience, will our lives feel the same without the slightest sense of being in danger? We’re just so used to gripping our laptops at Caffe Strada. A lessened grip will, without a doubt, feel a little too safe for comfort.


Bearwalk is definitely underappreciated. Who will we call now when we need to get home after a late night out? Our friends? Maybe even family? It’s just not the same without the bright yellow shirts and total awkward silence while walking.

Only three more months until we get to experience all of these wonderful aspects of Berkeley once again. Try not to miss Berkeley too much while you’re gone! We at the Clog know we will!

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