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Iconic vines that perfectly describe our summer vibez

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MAY 17, 2018

School is out and it’s time to let all our post-final emotions out! As college students, we’re jaded and tired. We live in little worlds that are often ridiculously sad or comical, making us turn to memes and funny videos to cope. We shouldn’t be able to relate to a picture of Arthur making a fist, but here we are. The wide range of human emotions we feel could never be captured in words, so we’ve compiled a list of vines to depict exactly how we’re feeling now that spring semester is over and many of us have returned to our respective hometowns to enjoy summer.

The moment after you’ve finished finals



There are a million vines out there that could capture how we’re feeling the moment we’ve finished finals, but we’ve settled on three. We mean, who hasn’t yelled “SUMMERTIME” and blasted Sublime or The Notorious B.I.G. in the car before? We love pure, unadulterated happiness, and these vines encapsulate that perfectly.

Summer vibez 


Y’all know that moment when you’re just minding your own business at the neighborhood supermarket and out of nowhere, a local pops out and asks you how life’s been. You have to sit through a conversation littered with talk about “summer vibes,” Coachella and how they got matching tattoos with their significant other they met a week ago. It’s tiresome, but school’s out and you’ve got nothing other than good vibez, right?

Catching up with friends


As tiresome as locals are, we love catching up with our old hometown friends. There’s probably going to be some mention of something embarrassing you put on your Snapchat at the beginning of the school year. Just like this vine, we try to play it off like “that was the old me,” when in reality, we’ll probably start next semester making the same mistakes.

Dealing with family


We love our families, don’t get us wrong, but it’s hard coming back after having full freedom to live how we want and say what we want. You have to have a filter over what you say at the dinner table — certain details about your life might not be appropriate for a family setting. They always think they know what’s best for you (which they probably do), but you can’t help but argue with them anyway. They love us and care for us, but a lot of family arguments usually go a lot like these vines.

Getting grades back

An then that dreaded moment finally comes. You’ve settled into summer without too much stress, and then your grades get uploaded. It’s either gone horribly, just meh or pretty well. A lot of the time, it’s gone badly, and you’re just so done thinking about school that you give up worrying about it. Maybe it could’ve gone better if you had tried harder, but that’s not going to change anything next year.

The Fourth of July mood


Summer is in full swing by July and it’s time for the Fourth of July! As a UC Berkeley student, the moral and educated part of you wants to hate the holiday and protest everything America stands for, but the other part of you really loves barbecues and fireworks. You’re back home, so you know where the best ice cream and fireworks are sold, and you have the same group of friends you always hang out with. If anything, the real American dream is being at home with your friends without the worry or stress of assignments being due!

Going to the beach 



This isn’t UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara — UC Berkeley is not located near a beach or a good beach to swim in for that matter. For many kids on vacation or those who live in SoCal, returning to the beach after an entire year is amazing, but you also feel a little stressed. It’s been a while since you’ve walked in the sand — what if you trip? What if you’ve forgotten how to swim? But all in all, one of the best summer activities is going to the beach! We at the Clog hope everyone goes at least once this summer.

Summer is a time to take some classes and work an internship or summer job, but don’t forget to take some time to relax with friends and family! Vine may be dead, but summer isn’t, so go make some memories!

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MAY 17, 2018