The ultimate 150-song playlist for National Sing Out Day

Olivia Staser/Staff

Happy National Sing Out Day! Each year on May 25, everyone is encouraged to sing their hearts out as if no one is listening. We at the Clog want to make this National Sing Out Day one of the best yet, and what better way to celebrate than for us to curate a playlist of 150 (yes, 150) songs to sing! This playlist should be enough fuel to last you the entire day. Whether some of these songs are among your favorites or the lyrics are just stuck in your head because you lost your aux cord and radio stations think only five songs exist, you must know these perfect songs to sing on National Sing Out Day! Seriously, unless you grew up under a rock, you just have to know the lyrics to these throwback and current jams. From pop to rap and even some alternative, we’ve got it all in this playlist — but we promise, the Chainsmokers will not be featured on this list — we’ve heard too much of them at frats. Honestly, today should be a fun day, not a reminder of the worst times of college. So, what else is there to do now besides clear out your whole day for this? It’s time to warm up your vocal cords, Bears! You’re welcome in advance.

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