New chicken wings and beer restaurant, Fire Wings, opens in Shattuck Square

Amanda Ramirez /Staff

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Fire Wings, a new chicken wings and beer restaurant, officially opened in Shattuck Square on Thursday.

Not failing the standard of its name, Fire Wings Berkeley offers near-fiery hot wings, but also mild alternatives. Featuring 21 types of wings — ranging from classic to Asian fusion categories — as well as salads and sides, the Berkeley location is the newest addition to the restaurant chain’s growing base.

Tim Tran, manager of Fire Wings Berkeley, said the restaurant has begun connecting with neighbors since its opening and has been using WeWork, a company that aims to connect businesses with one another.

According to Tran, Fire Wings’ opening day went “very well.”

“We were busy pretty much all day,” Tran said.  “Our ticket numbers went very high, with over 300 orders completed, which was great.”

On Fire Wings’ website, customers can view the restaurant’s heat index, which outlines the varying degrees of spiciness of each wing flavor. With Buffalo Stampede and Fire at the top of the index and Original BBQ and Garlic Parmesan at the bottom, Fire Wings is known for offering patrons a wide range of wing flavors.

The chain was originally founded in South Sacramento in December 2015, according to David Tran, who operates the South Sacramento branch. Fire Wings plans to add six branches soon, including one in San Mateo next month.

The interior design is modern, with tall, tan chairs and screens displaying menu options. The beer dispensers behind the cashiers provide a fast-food ambiance along with a dine-in quality to the restaurant.

Johanna Drew, a Sacramento resident who regularly travels to Berkeley, said she feels that Fire Wings is more “homey” than other chicken wing chains.

“I think Fire Wings is different (from) Wingstop. It’s less commercialized,” Drew said. “It also offers beer, which widens its appeal, in my opinion.”

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