Cal women’s basketball head coach asked by Southwest to ‘prove’ son was hers

Marcus Gedai/File
Lindsay Gottlieb coached the Cal womens basketball team to a 25-10 record in her first year as head coach.

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On Monday, Cal women’s basketball head coach Lindsay Gottlieb tweeted that Southwest Airlines’ ticket personnel asked her to “prove” her relationship to her son.

Gottlieb, a white woman, was traveling from Denver to Oakland with her son Jordan, who has a different last name than she does. While the Southwest Airlines employee allegedly stated that the differing last names were the reason Gottlieb had to show proof, Gottlieb tweeted that she guessed it was because her son’s skin color is different from hers.

Despite her son having a passport with his identity and age, Gottlieb was asked to prove that she was the mother through a Facebook post. Gottlieb’s fiance, Patrick Martin, who is the father of their son, is a Black man — Gottlieb noted that the incident was demeaning and insensitive.

Gottlieb’s son has been a guest at many Cal women’s basketball games during the 2017-18 season; he could often be seen with players and coaches. Gottlieb has also flown with her son approximately 50 times, according to her tweet.

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