Celebrate National Water a Flower Day with some of our sturdiest plants

Ariel Sauri/File

It’s National Water a Flower Day, the day we finally water our plants that we have neglected for the entire year. For some of us, today is the day we discover plants after we have completely forgotten about their existence – R.I.P. to our fallen greens.

But it’s OK — you’re not the only one guilty of murdering or neglecting your plants. We’ve all been there; the school year is just too hectic, and we just forget.

Thank God there are plants out there that don’t need much care. Forget to water your plant for an entire week? It’s fine. It’s still alive and thriving.

Oh shoot, did your plant not get enough sunlight? That’s all right — it doesn’t need it anyway. Here are some plants that are perfect for your chaotic life as a college student.


These bad boys are real trendy, and you can literally purchase them anywhere. Succulents come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and textures.  They require little to no sunlight and a drink once every few weeks.

Snake plants

Are you gone for a few weeks at a time? Then snake plants are perfect for you. They can go weeks without a drink of water and require low to medium light.  Snake plants have a very unique look and will surely spice up your living space.


Although they look majestic and seem like they require a lot of care, surprisingly, they don’t. These beauties love the sun and only crave a sip of water once a week. Orchids come in a variety of different colors, and they are indeed beautiful. They will definitely make your mediocre apartment look less mediocre.

Peace lilies

Everyone loves peace lilies. A pop of white in a bouquet of greens, this is one of the most beautiful flowers out there. If its leaves are drooping, which happens about every few weeks, then it’s time for it to take a shot of water. Peace lilies are great indoor plants, as they help purity the air and filter out toxins.

Air plants

No time to water and no money for soil? Well, these sturdy air plants are only thirsty for water once a week and require absolutely no soil — they are AIR plants, after all. You can leave them anywhere in your home: on your bookshelf, desk, piano — literally anywhere you desire, and they’ll thrive with just a spritz of water.

Fake plants  

If you absolutely have no time to care for a plant but still want to spice up your living space with some greenery, then fake plants are what you’ll have to settle with. They are the sturdiest of them all. Requiring neither water nor sunlight, these fighters will survive in any condition. It would be a miracle if you end up killing them.

Plant on, Golden Bears.

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