Why our beloved San Francisco is better than New York

Zainab Ali/File

By the end of the semester, when all we have on our minds are finals, papers and grades, most of us can’t wait to get out of the Bay Area for some much-needed space from Berkeley. Even though school can cloud the appeal of the Bay, a little travel to the East Coast can prove that places we want to escape to, such as New York, aren’t even close to being as great as San Francisco.

New York really is a concrete jungle. Central Park gets so much attention because it’s the only place in the city where you can actually spot real-life trees. Alicia Keys claims that there’s nothing you can’t do in New York, but honestly, we can do the same things in San Francisco — with a kick-ass view, too.


Real New Yorkers don’t like tourists or any of the attractions in the city. Chances of convincing a local to walk down Times Square are slim. On the flip side, San Franciscans are more chill and are happy to spend a morning at the piers or Union Square. Remember when Jess from “New Girl” tried to survive an hour in New York? We do, too. It isn’t meant to be that hard.


The subway makes no sense. It is completely impossible to navigate New York’s public transportation system. Unless you have someone guiding you, you’re probably going to get lost underground. The Bay Area, on the other hand, has clear maps and guides to help us navigate the city without giving us a headache.


New York is clearly unsafe. “Home Alone 2” proved to us that the odds are not in your favor in New York. As jaded locals, we’re still wary in San Francisco, but since we haven’t had to booby-trap an empty house, we know that we’re better off.


So basically, what we’re trying to say is that the West Coast is, in fact, the best coast. Our luscious nature, kind people and beautiful views really make the Bay Area special. We at the Clog commend New York for all that it is, but let’s be real — the Bay Area is where it’s at!

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