9 UC Berkeley feuds more heated than Drake versus Pusha T

We at the Clog love when everyone is happy and getting along, but if we can be honest, we love a little drama in our lives too. In light of the recent drama with Drake and Pusha T, we couldn’t help but think about all the beef happening at UC Berkeley.

1. No. 1 public university vs. No. 1 public university

For years, UC Berkeley maintained the title of being the top public university in the nation, instilling a sense of pride among its student body. However, this all changed with the 2017-2018 academic school year, when UCLA was also named as a No. 1 public university, and thus emerged the battle to be the best UC.

2. Oski the Bear vs. Stanfurd Tree

You didn’t think we would leave this one out, did you? While Stanfurd’s football team currently enjoys it longest winning streak against Cal, we can still pride ourselves on our dear Oski. UC Berkeley’s loveable, smiling, cardigan-wearing bear is hard to beat in terms of school mascots. Full offense, is the Stanfurd Tree okay? I mean, with all that grade inflation, you’d think it would look happier. Yet, every time we see that tree, it couldn’t look more sad.

3. UC Berkeley student body vs. citywide housing crisis

The limited number of apartments available within the city and the expensive rental costs make finding housing more difficult than getting into this school. With other students submitting rental applications immediately after viewing an apartment, it is essential to be quick in finding a place — sometimes the search for a home can take months. However, it will all be worth it in the end until you realize that you must face the battle of “adulting.”

4. Finding a seat in Moffitt vs. frantic student studying for finals

Despite Moffitt’s impressive five spacious floors, the library is no match against the thousands of students during dead week who battle it out to secure their studying spots. When finals start to approach, finding a seat becomes nearly impossible. Lurking around for an opening, setting up your belongings in strange nooks or camping out on the floor emerge as unfavorable, yet viable options for winning your spot. 

5. Freshman GPA vs. lower division prerequisite course

Referred to as “weeder classes,” lower division prerequisite classes do their fair share of damage to the unsuspecting GPAs of freshmen. Do not be fooled into thinking that introductory major courses will be a breeze — their difficulty will strike when you least expect it (hint: usually at the end of the semester).

6. A Saturday night on frat row vs. “do you know a brother?”

Looking for a party to recuperate after a week of working and studying? Head up to frat row and you’re bound to hear blasting music and see crowds trying to enter one of the fraternity houses. However, do be prepared for your means of entry, whether that be having a bid or “knowing a brother,” because the last thing you would want on your Saturday night is to end up beefing with the bouncer. We at the Clog suggest throwing out names like Chad, Sam, Austin or Brian.

7. Students vs. Phase One enrollment

The randomized Phase One enrollment time slots, which allow for students to select their upcoming semester courses, propagate fear among undergraduates who must accept the timing that they are given. An afternoon time slot on the last day equates to reluctantly joining a waitlist of hundreds in hopes of receiving a spot in a desired class. With thousands of students rushing to join acclaimed courses or necessary technicals, receiving a favorable Phase One time is critical to maintaining inner tranquility.

8. Dwinelle Hall vs. fresh air

The sea of students constantly flowing in and out combined with a lack of air conditioning and proper ventilation produces the perfect mix for a battle to find breathable air within Dwinelle. Sitting in a classroom of stagnant air for an hourlong discussion is literally and physically more heated than any diss track produced.

9. Laptops vs. cafes

These days, spending your free time at one of the several coffee shops sprawled around the Berkeley area is much more intense than drinking your favorite cup of coffee while you work. With the numerous UCPD alerts and Facebook notifications reporting laptop thefts, setting your personal devices on a cafe table to study or browse social media is a new form of bravery. You might find yourself having to battle your robber face-to-face in the middle of Caffe Strada.

Everyone loves a good rap feud because with them comes the very much anticipated and entertaining diss tracks. Hip-hop has been filled with intense battles ranging from Tupac vs. Notorious B.I.G. to the most recent Drake vs. Pusha T. Pusha T stated that he ended the battle with his divulging, slanderous track “The Story of Adidon.” On the other hand, loyal fans are fervently sticking by Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” as the better of the two. It’s evident that this summer’s feud is nearing its end. However, the students of UC Berkeley carry on this legacy of feuds in their own way, for the life of an undergrad at Berkeley prepares you for all sorts of battles where you would least expect them.

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