6 things to thank your BFFs for on National Best Friends Day

Roya Chagnon/Staff

As the old cliché goes, one of the greatest gifts in life is friendship. But on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to take this precious gift for granted and overlook all of the ways our friends make our lives better. Today is National Best Friends Day, and what better way to honor this holiday than to take a minute to thank your friends for being the amazing gifts they are and acknowledge all the things they do that often go underappreciated? Here are just a few of the many things BFFs do that should not go unrecognized today.

1. They’re always honest with you, even when it hurts

It may sting sometimes, but in the end, our best friends are always looking out for us and will not be afraid to tell us when we’re making a terrible life choice or doing something embarrassing. After all, it’s better to hear it from them rather than a random stranger. Celebrate honesty with your best friends today by telling them everything you love about them, as well as the things that annoy the crap out of you. Your friendship will be stronger for it.

2. They understand you, even when you don’t make sense
When you can’t seem to string together a comprehensible thought, whether it’s because you’ve had one-too-many shots or it’s just been a long day and your brain is fried, the truest of friends always seem to understand exactly what you mean. When no else gets you, your BFF always does, and that is definitely something to be grateful for today.

3. They support you through all your questionable decisions

Speaking of taking one too-many-shots, loyal BFFs will always stand by you, no matter how many times you drunkenly text your ex or take off running down the street. Sometimes your BFF is the one encouraging you to make dubious choices, and that’s only because they know you can handle it — and they’ll be there for you the next morning for a recovery brunch. Don’t forget to express gratitude for your friends who always have your best interests at heart, no matter how they show it.

4. They let you be angry when you need to be angry

In every healthy relationship you’re bound to run into tough times, and friendships are no exception. But even when you and your best friends are on thin ice, you know that it’s temporary and eventually you’ll both forgive and forget. Send a shoutout to the homies that you can be infuriated at but will love you anyway.

5. They prove that friends will always love you more than your significant other

From first dates to bad breakups, best friends are there through it all. They let you rant to them about terrible hookups, deal with your gushing about a new partner and buy you food after a brutal split. But most importantly, our true friends always let us know that while partners come and go, friends are forever. On National Best Friends Day, remind your BFFs that through every bad frat hookup or Tinder date, you’re always there with a listening ear and tub of ice cream.

6. They tag you in spicy and relatable memes

Sure, it’s trivial, but deep down we all love the feeling of knowing someone else is thinking of us, and what better reminder than getting hit with that “Sally mentioned you in a comment” notification? Take the time on National Best Friends Day to reciprocate the feeling by tagging your friends in every meme you see and letting them know that they’re on your mind while you’re scrolling through your feed.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every wonderful thing about best friends, but it’s a good place to start. Without our best friends, we’d have no one to go on late night Taco Bell runs with, no one to text at 2 a.m. with an existential crisis and no one to tag us in dank memes. So shower your friends in love and appreciation, today and every day.

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